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Multi-purpose hall junio 10, 2008

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Tipo.  Fachada media – auto activa

Autor. Arq. Brizac González

Edificio. Edificio miltifuncional de Aurillac

Ciudad. Aurillac

País. Francia

Año. 2004

Web. http://www.brisacgonzalez.com/pages/aurillac9.html

Imágenes. http://www.dezeen.com/2008/03/06/aurillac-concert-venue-by-brisac-gonzalez/


Vía. http://www.dezeen.com & http://archrecord.construction.com



The Brisac Gonzalez design, comprises three volumes that Gonzalez refers to as ribbons, and which total approximately 56,700 square feet. Although these forms do not echo the mountainscape literally, they evoke the tectonics that produced Massif Central. In plan, the entryway is reminiscent of a plume, emerging from the building base and fanning outward; the base itself is rectilinear, and contains the auditorium as well as storage and back-of-house spaces like the loading dock. Above this pairing sits the third volume, representing the double-height volume of the 4,500-seat auditorium. This form bows slightly inward on its sides, and the architects shifted it from center, creating a slight tension by cantilevering it from the plinth asymmetrically.

To achieve texture, the top layer of the Aurillac multipurpose hall includes 25,000 pyramidal glass bricks studding its precast-concrete skin—the most notable decorative touch on this otherwise reserved building. “We wanted an animated facade during the day, and since Aurillac has a large number of sunny days, we thought that a three-dimensional shape would shimmer and play with the sun’s rays,” Gonzalez says. “The curvature of the facades along with the pyramid-shaped glass bricks creates a variety of interesting shadows.”

At night, the bricks refract LEDs that backlight them from the top and bottom of the facade. The building operator can reprogram this surface’s 24 circuits to switch between one or eight colors, and continually delight residents. They may also transform the multipurpose hall into an abstract billboard, with lighting chosen to complement whatever program this versatile building may be hosting that night. Although the multipurpose hall is like a mountain in a postcard, easy to take in from a distance, these broad strokes of color and movement invite the curious tourist to switch from hiking gear to evening wear, exploring the architectural details closer up as well as the performances being staged inside.




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