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ENTERACTIVE junio 13, 2008

Posted by christian saucedo in Media facade.
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Tipo. Fachada media – interactiva

Autor instalación. Electroland – Cameron Mcnall & Damon Seeley

Edificio. 11th & Flower

Ciudad. L.A California

País. Estados Unidos

Año. 2006

Web. http://electroland.net/projects/enteractive/

Imágenes. http://electroland.net/projects/enteractive/

Video. http://electroland.net/projects/enteractive/

Vía. http://electroland.net/



The installation comprises two main elements. The first is an array of electronic tiles that sits just outside the entrance to the Met Lofts lobby, and serves as the interface with pedestrians. Electroland set a riser system into the surrounding concrete, then placed a grid of 176 16-inch-square tiles within it. Each tile is a sandwich of fritted glass and plastic that holds 96 red LEDs and has four compression sensors and a microcomputer on its underside. When someone steps on a tile, the sensors and microcomputer send data to a master computer located in the lobby. That computer in turn signals the tile to illuminate. Besides feeding back to the tile array, the master computer links to EnterActive’s second major component: a grid of illuminated squares mounted on the building’s west elevation. While the facade display is more truncated than the sidewalk array, Electroland’s proprietary software translates the gameboard’s human movements and computerized patterns into supergraphics flashing on the side of the apartment building. Seeley says that players detect the correlation between themselves and the building face, and understand their influence on the urban landscape.


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