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Digital Beijing agosto 4, 2008

Posted by christian saucedo in Media facade.
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Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa

Autor. Studio Pei Zhu [Pei Zhu &  Tong Wu]

Autor instalación.

Edificio. Digital Beijing

Ciudad. Pekín

País. China

Año. 2004-2007

Web. www.studiopeizhu.com

Imágenes. www.studiopeizhu.com

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMgWwYzN5Bk

Vía. www.studiopeizhu.com



The rapid development of the digital age has greatly impacted upon our society, our life and the urban realm. If the industrial revolution resulted in modernism, The Digital Beijing building begins to explore what will occur in the digital epoch. The building, located on the northern end of the cities central axis, will serve as the control and data center for this 2008 Olympics. At other times it will accommodate a virtual museum and an exhibition center for manufacturers of digital products.

The concept for Digital Beijing was developed through reconsideration and reflection on the role of contemporary architecture in the information era. Resembling that omnipresent symbol, the bar code, the building emerges from a serene water surface. The façade itself is detailed to resemble an integrated circuitboard. The abstracted mass of the building, reflecting the simple repetition of 0 and 1 in its alternation between void and solid, recreates on a monumental scale the microscopic underpinnings of life in the digital age to form a potent symbol of the Digital Olympics and the Digital Era. In the future, it is expected that the building will be constantly under renovation as it evolves to keep pace with technology.



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