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V45 / traffic-responsive facade septiembre 20, 2008

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Tipo. Fachada media – reactiva

Autor instalación. Nextlab

Edificio. Atrium Office Park Budapest

Ciudad. Budapest

País. Hungría

Año. 2007

Web. http://v45-atriumpark.blogspot.com/

Imágenes. http://v45-atriumpark.blogspot.com/

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=057lr2iouwc

Vía. http://v45-atriumpark.blogspot.com/



The project is about phisically working out the vision of the facade planned by the architects. We developed our own lighting system (in fact lamps) with new solutions in form, aesthetics and technology. The duty of these lighting panels is to uniform visually the two, different wings of the facade. What’s more, the program-operated light reacts the noise-level of Váci Road, so, it became an active art work determined by the effects of the environment, similarly to the facade of Lánchíd 19 Design Hotel. This work is also named by the partly same designer and producer teams and companies.

* Members of Nextlab, however, significantly took part in organizing the producing of light panels, responsible especially for light-operation. According to their idea, light spots on the facade will be on or off related to the size of the traffic (and noise) on Váci Road. The higher the traffic, the faster changes will be seen on the facade.

* Altogether

* We studied some optical phenomena as well on the spot…

* According to an accurate electrical plan he cables are led in the gaps of the curtain wall applied on its structure. They are hardly visible by naked eye.




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