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Eye Catching octubre 3, 2008

Posted by christian saucedo in Large scale projections.
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Tipo. Proyección a gran escala – auto activa

Autor de la pieza. Jennifer Steinkamp

Edificio. The Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Art

Ciudad. Istanbul

País. Turquía

Año. 2003

Web. http://jsteinkamp.com

Imágenes. Muammer Yanmaz and Robert Wedemeyer, courtesy ACME, Los Angeles, greengrassi, London, and the Istanbul Modern. http://jsteinkamp.com/html/art_documentation.htm

Video. http://jsteinkamp.com/quicktime/html/eyecatching.html

Vía. http://jsteinkamp.com



Eye Catching was created for the historic Yerebatan Cistern. Three computer animated trees were projected on the walls of the cistern which respond to two ancient Medusa Heads that are used as column supports in the cistern. Curiously, one is placed upside down, while the other is on her side. Animated enchanted trees sway while their branches move like Medusa’s serpentine hair. The installation is meant to be a celebration of the power of female sexuality and Medusa’s beauty. Part of the collections

Istanbul Modern, Istanbul, Turkey MUSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, Spain. Poetic Justice

My work has dealt with the issue of poetic justice in varying degrees for quite along time. My earliest works involved a poetic response to feminist politics and the injustices I experienced around me. I set out to create a sensual space within architecture from a very female point of view. A few years ago, the American “justice” system run by radical conservatives put their candidate in the presidential office; since then, my work has contained messages of peace and commentary on war. I created a work titled “Jimmy Carter” named after the former US president who is a great humanitarian and brave human being. The US with its ridiculous corporatised media is controlling the thoughts of the populous by not giving a clear picture of the world situation; and in addition it is very difficult to make any criticism of US policies without being labeled unpatriotic. As a result, I named my art after Jimmy Carter who stands for peace and progress throughout the world. This was a way to criticize US policies while remaining patriotic. Eye Catching was made in response to its context; there are two Medusa heads at the Yerbatan Cistern. I researched the incredible story of Medusa, realizing there is a very feminist psychological interpretation of the tale. Medusa is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, she was raped by a sea god, then through jealousy she was transformed by the Goddess Athena into an incredible monster with serpentine hair and a gaze that would turn men to stone. One interpretation could be that this is the ultimate extension of the power of female sexuality (stone as erection) , and the fear and paranoia this can invoke in men. I created the serpentine trees to add to the enchanted environment of the cistern, as if Medusa’s sensuality transformed the environment and everything around her. One of the trees is old, no leaves,  as if it was dead and brought back to life.



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