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Convention Center noviembre 28, 2008

Posted by christian saucedo in Large scale projections.
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Tipo. Proyección a gran escala – auto activa

Autor de la pieza. Gianni Ranaulo

Edificio. Convention Center

Ciudad. Roma

País. Italia

Año. 1998

Web. http://www.lightarchitecture.net/contenitore.php?c=bu&id=38

Imágenes. http://www.lightarchitecture.net/contenitore.php?c=bu&id=38


Vía. http://www.lightarchitecture.net




The Greek Telesterion, a large covered room for meetings (6th century BC), represents the archetype of the Convention Building. The Building is portrayed with a clear and unitary image: the simplicity of reading and unity of effect make it possible to interpret the theme of the Convention Center as a contemporary Telesterion.

This historical reference was born as an innovative response to the need for maximum flexibility and convertibility of the Convention Building. Dual rows of peripheral columns support warrant trusses forming a clear span of more than sixty meters along which a series of steel cables, meshing with the rigid structure, run to support the large platform covering the convention and exhibition halls, and defining the external space of the access square.

An array of columns and cables occupies the entire project area, generating the magic urban void of the square where the ongoing activities of the Convention Center (the Foyer, Auditorium, the small and medium halls, and the Shopping Center) are appropriately located, and from which the large open volume of the convention and exhibition areas derive their light.

The building is configured around the square or, rather, the building is the square, permeable and open to the neighborhood, a place of transition, exchange, and interaction. The building’s unity is achieved thanks to the presence of the columns and a continuous glass and microperforated plate roof allowing for homogeneous diffusion of light with delicate transparency and delineating the large open space as a semi-public area linked to the convention building.

The Convention Center, the building-square, the open and permeable “container,” materializes a kind of “large dimension” utopia in contemporary terms and interprets the atmosphere of the context, drawing on its historical and cultural worth and using architecture for the creation of a place for contemporary and future events.



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