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Milan meets Mediamesh diciembre 1, 2008

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Arengario Museum 01

Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa


Autor instalación. ag4 media facade GmbH

Edificio. Museo Arengario

Ciudad. Milán

País. Italia

Año. 2007

Web. http://www.medienfassade.com/85.html?&L=1

Imágenes. http://www.medienfassade.com/85.html?&L=1http://www.screens.ru/eng/atv_systems_magazine/2008/6.htm


Vía. http://www.medienfassade.com


Arengario Museum 02Arengario Museum 03

Arengario Museum 04


Milan is Italy’s capital of industry and culture. Its foundation dating back to antiquity, this city offers like no other in Europe a unique cultural mélange of architecture, art, fashion and design that blend together into an extraordinarily coherent and contemporary experience, where past and present meet in the most impressive way. A monumental example for the urban architecture of the city is the Arengario Museum; the old town hall built in 1293, frequented by both tourists and locals at the Piazza del Duomo, just a few steps away from the Duomo di Milano, the famous Milan Cathedral.

The reconstruction of the museum opened up undreamed-of opportunities and added a completely new facet to the art and culture experience within the city’s urban environment. For security reasons, the scaffolding that surrounds the building during the reconstruction had to be completely covered. This gave the Milan firm Urban Screen SRL a perfect opportunity to integrate Mediamesh® in the top section of the north facade.

This system was developed and delivered by ag4 media facade GmbH in cooperation with GKD AG and Leurocom GmbH. Urban Screen will operate the installation from the cathedral square, thereby expanding the urban environment through a medial dimension. In addition to the display of artistic content and information about the city, Mediamesh® can also be used for events such as live broadcasts from the Milan Scala or popular sports events. One of the most beautiful and lively piazzas in Europe is enhancing its potential for connecting people through collective experiences.

Urban Screens has made this commitment possible by building up a hybrid BOT model (a build-operate-transfer model) designed to combine cultural events with advertising. Needless to say, the location directly next to the Milan Cathedral is all but made for displaying a distinct and meaningful fusion of both cultural and economic dimensions – all that is needed is the perfect medium: Mediamesh®!

Mediamesh® is a system used for the medialization of facades and was specially developed to enable the integration of a customized transparent medial skin within architecture. Medial performances must clearly be defined by the character and location of the architecture, which is why it is possible to work with lower resolutions. In the case of the Milan Mediamesh®, we not only had to consider the architectural conditions, we also had to guarantee a perfect image. The most important parameters here are the absolute number of pixels possible. For the Urban Screen SRL project, the size of 480 square meters made it possible to use 194,000 pixels for the resolution. This gives the installation a fantastic image quality, defined by the distance that the viewer automatically makes due to the size. Most of all, Mediamesh® offers the advantage that the entire construction is very light, which makes it extremely easy to mount, and, in comparison to conventional LED walls, it is considerably cost effective. Europe’s largest medialization consists of eight rows of Mediamesh® (16.54m x 3.64) that are stretched across the scaffolding of the building. The historical facade of the Arengario Museum shines through the Mediamesh® installation, creating an instant and direct link between the historically defined site and state-of-the-art modern technology.

The installation does not simply adapt to the dimensions of the Piazza del Duomo through its sheer size alone. In order to undertake a sensible expansion of the urban body, its specific physiognomy, shaped by centuries of art and culture, must be taken into consideration. This is guaranteed through the design orientation of Mediamesh®, a characteristic that enables it to easily blend in with the cultural and architectural environment of Milan, clearly setting it apart from other conventional solutions.



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Nice post!! I have read some of your posts and is really impressed. I am adding your blog to my RSS Feed reader.


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