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The Atelier Relais diciembre 12, 2008

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The atelier relais 01

Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa


Autor instalación. ag4 media facade GmbH & GKD

Edificio. Talleres enlace

Ciudad. Torcé

País. Francia

Año. 2007

Web. http://www.medienfassade.com/85.html?&L=1

Imágenes. http://www.medienfassade.com/85.html?&L=1http://www.gkd.uk.com/home/creativeweave/newproducts/illumesh/atelierrelaisintorce


Vía. http://www.medienfassade.com


The atelier relais 02The atelier relais 03


Transparency – Lightness – Impression

Illumesh not only offers the possibility to cost effectively upgrade architecture. Thanks to its attractive carrier construction, even large formats can become a highly aesthetic shell. The facade of the freestanding headquarters of the Lactalis Group, one of the largest dairy companies in Europe, will display an atmospheric symphony of colors at night. During the day, the building will appear as a shiny metallic construction with an open, unblocked view from the offices inside the building.

ag4 and GKD will install a transparent media facade on the 100 square meter right side of the headquarters building, which appears like a monitor screen: special holders are woven into the mounted transparent stainless steel mesh fabric. After the weaving process, these holders will carry high-performance LED profiles. The light of the in total 10 LED rows is projected onto the metal fabric, lighting up large areas of the surface. At night, monochrome LED light structures projected on to the rounded stainless steel mesh create a three-dimensional visual effect.

The 67 square-meter left side of the Atelier Relais will also be fitted with a stainless steel mesh fabric construction. However, this will only be fitted with one LED row on the top and bottom edges of the construction. This will help create a spectacular harmonious interplay of color and visual effects on to the sectioned front of the building, despite the large surface Illumesh installation.

The metal weave developed by GKD and ag4 guarantees a wide spectrum of design possibilities, from alternating color surfaces to animation, moving type, and a reduced graphic performance. At night, Illumesh makes it possible not only to display this fascinating interplay of colors but also the product and brand names of the dairy company, which specializes in cheese products.



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