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Can’t Get You out of My Head enero 31, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Video.
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Can't Get You out of My Head
Tipo.  Vídeo

Artista. Kylie Minogue

Director vídeo. Dawn Shadforth

Colaboración media. CCC Chaos cumputer Club . Blinkenlights

Año. 2001


Imágenes. http://www.vam.ac.uk/images/image/31693-popup.html

Video. http://mx.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfr9bhSmfXc

Vía. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Can’t_Get_You_Out_Of_My_Head



The accompanying music video for “Can’t Get You out of My Head” was directed by Dawn Shadforth. It shows Minogue driving towards a futuristic city and back-up dancers in various futuristic costumes dancing in a highly stylized manner. It then focuses on Minogue in a sporty outfit, after which she is seen with other dancers in a computer-generated futuristic city. Her white, hooded costume, with plunging necklines and revealing slits, was widely discussed both for its fashion style and for Minogue’s overt sexual posturing. Lastly, she appears with a curly hairdo in a metal-like costume, which was later used for her back-up dancers’ performance in “I Believe in You” on her 2005 Showgirl Tour. The metallic flapper dress is a tribute to Róisín Murphy‘s dress in Shadforths videoclip forMoloko‘s Sing It Back.

In 2002, the video won the MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography. It was voted the third best video of all time by viewers of MTV Italy.



1. f. - febrero 1, 2009

Well, according to wikipedia the video was released on September 8, 2001. CCC Blinkenlights was activated on Sep. 11, 2001. I think the very narrow timing somehow is a hint towards the independence of both projects. Cool coincidence, nonetheless.

2. christian - febrero 1, 2009

A very strange but interesting coincidence 🙂
thanks for the info


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