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Splanade . Performing arts center febrero 2, 2009

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splanade 01
Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa

Autor. DP Architects Pte Ltd. and Michael Wilford & Partners

Autor instalación. –

Edificio. Splanade . Performing arts center

Ciudad. Singapur

País. República de Singapur

Año. 2002

Web.  http://www.esplanade.com

Imágenes. http://www.esplanade.com/about_the_centre/image_gallery/index.jsp & http://www.flickr.com/photos/wilson_low/114617019/

Video. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/816902/fireworks_singapore_esplanade/

Vía. http://architecture.about.com/cs/greatbuildings/a/esplanade.htm


splanade 02

splanade 03       splanade 04

splanade 05


The Esplanade performing arts center on the shore of Marina Bay is making waves in Singapore. Designed by DP Architects Pte Ltd. and Michael Wilford & Partners, the four hectare complex includes five auditoriums, several outdoor performance spaces, and a mix of offices, stores, and apartments.

Press releases say that the Esplanade design expresses harmony with nature, reflecting the balance of yin and yang. Vikas M. Gore, a director at DP Architects, calls the Esplanade “a compelling contribution towards defining a new Asian architecture.”

Not all response to the project has been glowing, however. While the project was under construction, some Singapore residents complained that Western influences dominated. The design, said one critic, should incorporate icons that reflect Singapore’s Chinese, Malay, and Indian heritage: Architects should “aim to create a national symbol.”

The odd shapes of the Esplanade have also stirred controversy. Critics have compared the domed Concert Hall and Lyric Theatre to Chinese dumplings, copulating aardvarks, and duriens (a local fruit). And why, some critics ask, are the two theaters covered with those “ungainly shrouds”?

Because of the diversity of shapes and materials used, some critics feel that The Esplanade lacks a unifying theme. The overall design of the project has been called featureless, disharmonious, and “lacking in poetry.”

Are these fair criticisms? After all, every nation’s culture is dynamic and changing. Should architects incorporate ethnic clichés into new designs? Or, is it better to define new parameters?

Gore believes that the curved lines, translucent surfaces, and ambiguous shapes of the Lyric Theatre and the Concert Hall reflect the complexity and dynamism of Asian attitudes and thoughts. “People may find them disturbing, but only because the result is indeed new and unusual,” Gore says.

Disturbing or harmonious, yin or yang, the Esplanade is now an important Singapore landmark.

More About Singapore

  • 640 sq. km 
  • 1 island, 60 islets
  • 3,000,000 people
  • 4 official languages
  • Tropical climate
  • Low crime rate



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