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Ars Electronica Center febrero 9, 2009

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AEC 00

Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa

Autor. TREUSCH architecture ZT GmbH . Architekt DI Andreas Treusch

Autor instalación. LEDFASSADEN.at

Edificio. Ars Electronica Center

Ciudad. Linz

País. Austria

Año. 2007

Web.  http://www.aec.at/center_about_en.php

Imágenes. http://www.ledfassaden.at/


Vía. http://www.treusch.at/ & http://www.mediaarchitecture.org/


AEC 01

AEC 02

AEC 03


The New Ars Electronica Center

Ars Electronica’s outstanding international reputation assures it a place in the limelight during Linz’s term as European Capital of Culture in 2009. The city is now creating an appropriate architectural setting for this starring role by expanding the Ars Electronica Center. The planning is the work of Treusch architecture, Vienna.

A new, multilevel wing is being erected immediately adjacent to the existing building. The two structures will be wrapped in a backlit glass shell that creates a unitary architectural ensemble. This cityscape highlight will function as a transparent light sculpture in its own right and the architectural counterpart of the Lentos across the Danube. The plaza extending parallel to Kirchengasse in the direction of the Parish Church provides the AEC complex with an attractive venue for public events. The eastern end curves upward and features steps/tiered seating; the space directly below this will house the Ars Electronica Futurelab. Generously dimensioned exhibition spaces will be located beneath the plaza. The expanded Ars Electronica Center will feature approximately 6,500 m2 of space, almost 4,000 m2 more than the current facility. The groundbreaking ceremony on March 1 will get this “construction site of the future” officially underway. Completion is set for the end of 2008, just in time for the kickoff of the Capital of Culture year.

Museum of the future

The new Ars Electronica Center is a one-of-a-kind facility. Its uniqueness is betokened by its external form. This bold architectural statement is an instant highlight within the Linz cityscape’s ensemble, yet it still sets itself apart at first—none of its edges run parallel, everything appears skewed, elements simultaneously pulling apart and merging together. A structure that’s constantly assuming new forms depending on the perspective from which it’s viewed. And one that withholds revelation of its scope and dimensions until the moment of direct physical encounter.

The new building

he groundbreaking ceremony for the new Ars Electronica Center took place on March 1, 2007. It launched an ambitious architectural undertaking that would go up in record time—building a multi-level structure immediately adjacent to the existing facility and then wrapping the entire ensemble in a glass shell, the AEC’s spectacular 5,100-m2 LED façade. The result is a holistic entity, a striking highlight of the Linz cityscape, and the architectural counterpart of the Lentos Museum of Modern Art on the opposite bank of the Danube.



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