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KBC Interactive Tower marzo 4, 2009

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KBC Interactive Tower 01
Tipo. Pantalla LED – interactiva

Autor. Jan Van Hoenacker

Autor instalación. Magic Monkey

Edificio. Boerentoren Building

Ciudad. Amberes

País. Bélgica

Año. 2006

Web. http://www.magicmonkey.net/projects/kbc

Imágenes. http://www.magicmonkey.net/projects/kbc

Video. http://www.magicmonkey.net/projects/kbc

Vía. http://www.magicmonkey.net


KBC Interactive Tower 02

KBC Interactive Tower 03


The KBC, its advertising agency VVL/BBDO, and its grassroots marketing agency, NAVAJO commissioned Magic Monkey to design and implement a monumental interactive project. Every time your New Year wishes were displayed on a grand scale for all of Antwerp to see, the KBC bank would contribute an additional EURO toLEVENSLIJN, the children road safety charity.

Europe’s oldest High-rise, the KBC Boerentoren, built in 1932, was propelled into the future! 1000 m2 of seamlessly integrated transparent video display, large text projections and beautiful KBC corporate colors branded the building and brought a lot of participation, contribution to the charity and media coverage! Belgian’s past, current and future prime ministers attended the launch of the project as well as the City’s Mayor and the President of the Flemish region. 



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