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Nexxus Building marzo 16, 2009

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Nexxus Building 00
Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa

Autor. –

Autor instalación. Laservision

Edificio. Nexxus Building

Ciudad. Hong Kong

País. China

Año. 2006

Web. http://www.nexxusbuilding.com/

Imágenes. http://www.laservision.com.au/page.asp?lid=1&sec=Projects&subsec=Architectural+Lighting&subsubsec=Nexxus+Building


Vía. http://www.laservision.com.au/page.asp?lid=1&sec=Projects&subsec=Architectural+Lighting&subsubsec=Nexxus+Building


Nexxus Building 02   Nexxus Building 03


Laservision was engaged by Mutual Capital Limited to create, design and install a state-of-the-art dynamic lighting design that would demand the attention of those passing by – whilst maintaining the natural grandeur and iconic physical characteristics of the Nexxus Building in Hong Kong.

The end result is a breathtaking lighting design capable of supporting text, graphics and images. The lighting design uses over 1000 high-powered LED fixtures in conjunction with nearly a kilometre of LED graphics strip and has set a new benchmark for architectural lighting.

Upon acquisition, the rundown 1960’s building undertook a dramatic transformation which included the complete refurbishment of the curtain wall (facade). The refurbished building now stands as one of the most prominent buildings in the Hong Kong business district.

The Nexxus Building contained a number of design challenges and technical obstacles that had to be overcome and be incorporated into an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching lighting design.

These challenges included;
• The highly reflective nature of the building’s façade
• Light trespass issue
• Energy efficient lighting design
• The ability to view the lighting design from oblique angles
The customised lighting fixtures on the Nexxus Building were designed to be incorporated into the curtain wall (façade) whilst it was being erected during refurbishment – therefore reducing the time taken for installation, whilst reducing associated costs. Whether it is a refurbishment of an old building or the construction of a new skyscraper, Laservision’s customised lighting fixtures may be incorporated into the building’s design with no delays to the ongoing construction program.

Nexxus Building 01


1. ledguy - abril 16, 2012

all these LEDs have failed… crap product.


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