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Standard Chartered abril 27, 2009

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standard 01
Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa

Autor. –

Autor instalación. Laservision

Edificio. Standard Chartered Bank Building

Ciudad. Hong Kong

País. Corea


Web. –

Imágenes. http://www.laservision.com.au/page.asp?lid=1&sec=Projects&subsec=Architectural+Lighting&subsubsec=Standard+Chartered

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-it0g48z2jk

Vía. http://www.laservision.com.au/


standard 02

standard 03


Constructed in 1990 and 42 floors tall, Standard Chartered Bank in Queens Rd is currently one of Hong Kong’s three note-issuing banks. Publicly listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, Standard Chartered employs 30,000 people in over 500 offices in more than 50 countries.

Standard Chartered recently commissioned Laservision to undertake a project involving the design, supply and installation of Lighting and Show Control equipment for the purpose of illuminating the building’s exterior.

The main objectives of the lighting scheme included enhancing the buildings architecture while being unobtrusive in daylight. The project brief demanded a low maintenance program and an overall installation that could be run via low energy consumption.

Standard Chartered’s lighting plan required 2000 metres of LED strip lighting to be installed to emphasise the lines of the building which are otherwise lost at night. The Standard Chartered logo has also been refurbished and has increased in surface area by 5 times. The green and blue lighting plan enhances the corporate identity and distinguishes the building from its’ neighbours.



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