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Architecture: Art mayo 14, 2009

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Architecture: Art

Tipo: Libro

Nombre: Architecture: Art

Editorial: Prestel Publishing


Autores: Philip Jodidio

Año: 2005

From Publishers Weekly

The title of this book calls to mind the analogy portion of a standardized test, implying a relationship between art and architecture and the increasingly fuzzy line between the two. It’s far from a new concept, something this book partially makes up for by providing dazzling photographs of artistically impressive architecture, including Richard Meier’s Jubilee Church in Rome and a Santiago Calatrava-designed planetarium in Spain. There’s also a heavy dose of architecture-themed art such as “Sitting on the Wall – Shenzen 1,” by Weng Fen, a depiction of a girl looking at tall, imposing skyscrapers in China; and Andreas Gursky’s “Shanghai,” a rendition of an imposingly monolithic hotel lobby. “The number of examples that could be chosen to illustrate the intimate links between art and architecture throughout history is almost limitless,” the author writes. “Indeed, there may be as many ways to define this relationship as there are cases in point.” But the narrow mix of works collected (architecture that is especially artistic, or art that involves architecture), though visually appealing, offers little new to readers studied on contemporary architecture. 300 illustrations. 

Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 


“Both art lovers and architecture enthusiasts will enjoy reading about this gallery of works and their creative inspirations.” — Array, February 2006

“Lavishly illustrated.” — Art Times, November 2005

“Must-have[s] for design addicts.” — Chicago Tribune, April 2006

“Photos effectively document the projects’ coevolution within surrounding architecture,” — Library Journal, February 2006

Resource: http://www.amazon.com



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