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Reactive Sparks junio 1, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.

reactive sparks 01

A reactive video installation, which responds to the flow of traffic on site in real time, will be mounted on the OSRAM SEVEN SCREENS. The traffic passing the OSRAM building located on the Mittlerer Ring in Munich was the point of departure for the concept of the site-specific installation Reactive Sparks created by the Berlin design studio ART+COM.

In the project Reactive Sparks [from November 8, 2007 until April 2008] every vehicle that drives past the SEVEN SCREENS is individually tracked, thereby triggering a clearly visible reaction on the stelae for drivers and pedestrians. The installation’s basic theme is movement energy, which finds its visual counterpart in light, thus becoming a global-social metaphor for human vitality. A base light on the stelae represents the flow of traffic: the more dynamic the flow of cars is, the higher the light waves beat.

At the same time, a “temporal memory” is integrated in the stelae. The number of vehicles that drive pass these are stored and then act to influence the strength of lights on the individual stelae: the more intense the traffic during the day, the more intense the strength of the light in the evening. The pattern of light on the screens moves in a continuous, gentle motion. When the flow of traffic is steady, the light waves appear in surges and are faster than they would be by stop and go traffic.

Each passing vehicle also creates a vertical light tail, as a direct reaction, on one of the stelae. This individual depiction is based on the same principal as the exposure of a photograph: if a car passes by the OSRAM headquarter quickly, it creates a long tail that is only visible for a short moment. A vehicle that is moving more slowly, by comparison, produces a shorter tail that is visible for longer.

reactive sparks 02

reactive sparks 03


ART+COM (founded in 1988) is a collective made up of designers, artists, academics and technologists. The interdisciplinary research of new media technologies and their implementations, not least in their artistic forms, is the group’s goal. Realized projects to date include documenta mobil (Kassel 2005), floating numbers in Berlin’s Jewish Museum and Duality, an art installation in public space created in 2007 in Tokyo for the entrance of a underground station there. Passing pedestrians reactively provoked the program on the LED screens. ART+COM will also create the media productions and interactive installations for the new BMW Museum in Munich, as well as being responsible for developing and realizing the interactive media for the product information center at BMW World. It is also participating in the exhibition, Vom Funken zum Pixel (From Spark to Pixel), in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau (opening on October 28, 2007).

For more information please visit the group’s site at: www.artcom.de

vía: http://osram24.com



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