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DIGITAL Architecture London agosto 28, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Conference.

DIGITAL Architecture London

To celebrate London as a centre of design and innovation, the ‘Digital Architecture London’ Conference will take place at the Building Centre on 21st September 2009. Presenting a selection of London’s leading architects, artists, designers and engineers, the conference will examine how London is shaping the digital future of the built environment.

Introducing the latest developments in digital design practice, the conference will explore new spaces, social interactions, design and fabrication processes, and speculate on architecture’s post-digital futures. DAL09 is directed by Ruairi Glynn with the support of London Digital Week, The Building Centre, Arup & The Bartlett School of Architecture.


September 21st 2009

8.30 am Registration

09.30 am Introduction to DAL09

Ruairi Glynn, Organiser of Digital Architecture London & Curator of Digital Hinterlands Exhibition

09.40 am Session 1: Digital Architecture & Space

Chair: Alan Penn (Dean of Bartlett & Professor of Architectural & Urban Computing)

Geoff Manaugh

Murray Fraser

Neil Spiller

11.10 am Session 2: Digital Architecture & Bio-Technology

Chair: Rachel Armstrong (TED Research Fellow)

Tony Dunne

Marcos Cruz

Rachel Wingfield

12.30 pm Lunch

1.30 pm Session 3: Digital Architecture & Interaction

Chair: Usman Haque (Director of Haque Design + Research & Pachube.com)

Matt Webb

Tobi Schneidler

Stephen Gage

3.00 pmSession 4: Digital Architecture & Form

Chair: Brett Steele (Director of Architectural Association)

Patrik Schumacher

Marjan Colletti

Alvin Huang

4.30 pm Break

5.00 pm Session 5: Digital Architecture & Fabrication

Chair: Bob Sheil (Director of Technology, Bartlett School of Architecture)

Hanif Kara

Charles Walker

Daniel Bosia

6.45 pm Conference Finish

Evening: Private View “Digital Hinterlands”

An Exhibition of London Architecture Schools finest digital design and research over the past 3 years with a private reception of food and drinks.

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