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Bruselas . Nuit blanche 2009 septiembre 15, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Exhibitions.

Bruselas . Nuit blanche 2009

8e édition NUIT BLANCHE | 3 OCTOBRE 2009

The Nuit Blanche concept

Nuit Blanche (which means “sleepless night” or “white night” in French), is a cultural event that is both artistic and popular. This eighth edition of the event aims at (re)discovering or (re)conquering this urban environment from a new perspective.

It is a night to get together, to share unusual and creative aspects of the contemporary creative scene in a warm and festive atmosphere that encourages discovery and wonder.

Nuit Blanche is aimed at opening up the city to the world of the night, by encouraging access to numerous places for a wide audience. This approach really is open to the city, to its inhabitants and to creativity.

What makes the Brussels Nuit Blanche different?


One of the specific aspects of Nuit Blanche Brussels is its participative aspect, which is based on a huge call for projects aimed at all actors in the fields of social events, sports events, cultural events and tourism.

Previous editions encouraged the emergence of dozens of projects by recognised or novice artists, from public and private cultural institutions, but also by people involved in social work and associations.

In this way, Nuit Blanche intends to offer a higher profile both to the sociocultural world and to the organising authorities who have the task of managing regular events for the general public. This night will increase the profile of non-profit associations, shopkeepers and artists in Brussels, but also the commune services and cultural venues which depend on them. Cooperation between artists and young people is planned, in order to put together high quality productions.

In order to create as many projects as possible among the general public and among the different actors in civil society, the mediators of the Cultural Service of the City of Brussels are working with neighbourhood associations in order to organise the resources of the numerous participants in this event. The approach of these cultural mediators consists in unifying and organising the resources of the many participants in the cultural, economic, artistic, association and sports sectors, in order to bring coherence to the largest number of initiatives taken in the context of this night-time adventure. It is an approach which is open to the city, its inhabitants and to creativity.


Nuit Blanche would like to place the emphasis on artists from Brussels and Belgium, and the elements which have made their international reputation: their proximity, humanity and accessibility. Brussels is teeming with artists who are well-known and less known, young and old… we give you a chance to meet them. Nuit Blanche would therefore like to offer these artists a large and varied audience by providing them with a stage and taking care of the coordination and logistics aspects.

As well as exhibitions, films, concerts, stories and contemporary dance, the audience will also be invited to become an “artist”, for the night, via the different workshops.

more information on http://www.nuitblanchebrussels.be



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