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Yokohama Seaport septiembre 28, 2009

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Yokohama Seaport 01

Tipo. Proyección a gran escala – autoactiva

Autor de la pieza. Hiro Yamagata

Edificio. Yokohama Seaport

Ciudad. Yokohama

País. Japón

Año. 2003

Web. http://www.hiroyamagata.com

Imágenes. http://www.hiroyamagata.com/exhibition/yokohama/title.html


Vía. http://www.hiroyamagata.com


Yokohama Seaport 02


Yamagata held an exhibition which was collaborated with NASA, “Art&SPACE exhibition-Hiro Yamagata and the world of NASA,” at Yokohama Seaport. His piece in this exhibition was held indoors and made by laser reflection of innumerable cubes hanging from the ceiling of two huge cubic structures which was surrounded by holograms. Visitors at this exhibition put polarizing lenses on to see the piece. However, the exhibition was ended sooner that it should have been because of the number of visitors did not increase as much as expected. It was to say that people thought they would see Hiro Yamagata’s print works in the exhibition; the description of this exhibition was not appropriate so that they were disappointed. Later on, Yamagata held a laser installation exhibition, “Super Nova 3” at COSI Columbus Science Museum in Ohio. Also, he participated in an event, the “300th anniversary of Sankt-Peterburg municipal government, a Night of Sound and light,” to show his laser installation. In this year, he also held an exhibition, “Hiro Yamagata Original Pictures” in Okinawa


1. SEIJI NAKA - octubre 24, 2009

very beautiful !


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