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NOVA octubre 13, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Technology research in surfaces.
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Tipo. Desarrollo tecnológico . superficie interactiva

Autor. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Investigación y desarrollo. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Año. 2007

Web. http://www.nova.ethz.ch

Imágenes. http://www.nova.ethz.ch

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeRTWqu7pio&feature=related

Vía. http://www.scs.ch/index.php?id=95&L=1


NOVA es una pantalla cúbica de 5 m de lado por 1 m de profundidad que se encuentra hasta septiembre de 2009 en la principal estación de tren de ZurichEsta esta superficie con características interactivas fue creada por el Instituto Federal Suizo de Ciencia y Tecnología para celebrar sus 150 años.

Características: 25.000 puntos de luz  – con 12 bombillas led cada uno – capaces de generar imágenes con 16 millones de colores y 25 imágenes por segundo.



The Need
As part of the celebration of ETH Zurich’s 150 year anniversary, a 3-dimensional light field was built, that hangs like a cloud in the main Zurich train station and brings the research work of ETH closer to the public.

The Challenge
ETH was looking for a partner who could turn the idea of a 3-dimensional cloud into reality in a short period of time. This required a new technical undertaking: There was no such device in the world.

The Solution
SCS was responsible for the overall system design, the development of the hardware and firmware, as well as the technical project management. Several different components had to be balanced: mechanics, electrics, electronics, software, and optics.

SCS approached the design step by step. First SCS built a 5x5x5 grid of lights and wired the RGB LEDs by hand. The computer graphics lab at ETH Zurich developed a simulation of the entire display and the tools for programming the display. The model of the simulation was adapted according to the simple and low-cost prototype. Then SCS developed the hardware, firmware, and software drivers within 6 months. SCS instructed and supervised subcontractors with the development and construction of the mechanics, cast components, electric control cabinets, wiring, transport, production, and assembly of the display.


The Success
The 3d-display has been in use in Zurich’s main train station since September 12th 2006. The NOVA-website invites the public to: “Explore with us the secrets of matter and experience the mathematical formulas as they appear in thousands of colored lights. Day after day. For the next three years. As a moment of peace and amazement during your journey through RailCity Zurich.“

Services provided by Supercomputing Systems AG
System technical project management, feasibility study, prototype construction, development of the hardware, firmware, and software drivers, production supervision.

Resource: http://www.scs.ch/index.php?id=95&L=1



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