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Sonumbra octubre 30, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.

Sonumbra 00

The atmosphere of musical rhythms, harmonies and luminous patterns are composed by the visitors’ movement – either active or passive. The light emitting fabric of the umbrella is crafted into a lacework of many electroluminescent fibres. This latticed pattern is animated in concert with the generated surround sound and visually illustrates the visitors’ position within the constellation. Wandering unaware or actively gravitating towards Sonumbra each person plays a part and becomes a note in a unique composition of light, sound and space.

Imagine an outsize parasol planted in an African village. By day, it offers shelter from the sun: by night, it sheds light for the local community using the energy collected in solar cells embedded in its canopy. It’s clever, it explores a new role for textiles, and it shows concern for the planet. In short: an eco-friendly solution to a pernicious modern problem.

William Underhill in a feature for ID Magazine

Loop.pH realized the first version of Sonumbra as a responsive play space in Mowbray Park, Sunderland. It is designed to respond to the interplay and activity of the people orbiting the umbrella by casting a sonic shade of light.

See a preview movie: Sonumbra video 

Credits for Sunderland

Concept & Design: Rachel Wingfield & Mathias Gmachl
Production: Mathias Gmachl
Sound design & software: Alberto de Campo
Fabrication assistants: Camalo Gaskin & Dave Falconer
Many thanks to: Gail Baxter, Carol Quarini, Dani Salvadori & Harry White

Sonumbra in Sunderland has been commissioned by Newcastle Gateshead Initiative and Sunderland City Council and supported by ISIS Arts.




1. agonz46 - octubre 31, 2009

Impresionante el efecto! 🙂

christian saucedo - octubre 31, 2009

así es, es genial…



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