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Aspatial portrait 02 noviembre 16, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.

A spatial portrait

Reflecting upon and reinterpreting the Liberty Science Center’s belief that every person’s actions affect everyone else on the planet and conversely, how global changes affect each one of us, Leni Schwendinger Light Projects LTD has designed a dynamic, interactive digital artwork that captures the movement of every visitor as they circulate throughout the Great Hall. The composite of the movements of many creates an ever-changing three-dimensional “spatial portrait” that is suspended in the mid-space of the Hall, eleven feet above the floor. From multiple positions in the Hall, sensors and video cameras track visitor’s movements and through digital processing and switching, this information is translated and displayed on a spatial field, in the shape of a rectangle. This pendant of 108 strands of light emitting diodes (LEDs), each 8 feet long, creates a dazzling show of light in real time, with an element to the spatial portrait, each and every visitor contributing.


Leni Schwendinger

Location: Liberty Science Center – Jersey City, NJ
Completion Date: 2009

Resource: http://www.lightprojectsltd.com/projects/art_artworks_lsc.php

The figurative concept marks the entry of visitors into the Science Court. The visitors’ colors, shapes and movements are captured by a video camera at a designated area close to the main entrance.

This visual information is pixilated, reassembled and fed into the LED array and viewable from multiple vantage points in the Court. Like a three-dimensional mirror of light, the interacting visitors, their friends and others may view a low resolution depiction of their actions displayed in real-time. As they gather, perform and play, the visitors interact with and alter their oversized representation in the spatial field.

A spatial portrait 02

A spatial portrait 03

As visitors move through the space, their progress is tracked, drawn into the spatial field above and represented in set colors; orange and white. Through digital comparison of the crowd circulation patterns, visual data is scaled and extruded into the Artwork. Visitors that cross paths during a set period of time cause a vivid, burst of color to be displayed in the LED array. The content of this colorful burst is processed pre-recorded video of the Hoberman Sphere cycle – a kinetic sculpture suspended nearby.

Quiet Time
This program celebrates the sculptural dialogue with the Hoberman Sphere. During the quiet moments, when the Science Court awaits its next round of visitors, the LED spatial array displays the expansion and contraction of the Hoberman Sphere. Through pre-recorded video of the Sphere cycle infused with the variegated artist-created color palette, the imagery reinforces the quietness of the space visually breathing in concert with the Sphere.

Resource: http://www.enlighter.org/projects/spatial-portrait-leni-schwendinger



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