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Sun Valleys noviembre 16, 2009

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Sun Valley 01

Tipo. Fachada media – reactiva


Autor de la instalación.

Edificio. Sun Valleys

Ciudad. Shanghai

País. China

Año. 2010

Web. http://en.expo2010.cn

Imágenes. http://en.expo2010.cn

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BX_Wsh3MUpk

Vía. http://en.expo2010.cn & http://www.worldarchitecturenews.com



In the whole structure, the 6 cone-shaped giant “Sun Valleys” constitute the most striking feature. The “Sun Valleys”, as the name suggests, are where the sunshine is collected. These steel structured “Sun Valleys” will be longitudinally distributed at the entrances and center areas of the Expo Axis.

Ecological Example:

△ Green Space Underground

The unique profiles of “Sun Valleys” help to disperse sunshine and air into the underground, not only improving air quality, but also saving energy consumed by the artificial lighting. During the Expo, the “Sun Valleys” will also be decorated with colorful plants. Carefully arranged, it will become an attractive ”underground garden” where visitors are unwilling to leave.

△ Automatic Regulation of Indoor Temperature

The employment of eco-technologies will achieve comfortable and pleasant interior environment for the Expo Axis. Under the giant public walkways lie 700-kilometer long pipelines for the ground source heat pump system achieving the role of heating and cooling effect with natural resources. In addition, as the Expo Axis leads to the Huangpu River, the river water can be introduced to regulate indoor temperature as the cooling and heating source.

△ Self-cleaning with Rainwater

Like the concept of rainwater collection in other pavilions, every “Sun Valley” is covered with a wide mouth vase-shaped circular glass curtain, which not only offers a better see-through effect, but more importantly collects rainwater as well. Substantial rainwater is stored in the basement. The collected rainwater will go through a series of filtration sections and become applicable for serving the “Sun Valley” areas, and perimeter pavilions for irrigation and flushing purposes.

Resource: http://en.expo2010.cn

Sun Valley 02

Sun Valley 03

7 million visitors are expected to attend Shanghai’s World Expo from May next year. The conference’s theme – ‘Better City, Better Life’ – can be no better exemplified than in the architecture exhibited by the 200 participating countries. At the heart of the project lies the Expo Boulevard, the entrance point, commercial centre and exhibition space which connects with four major pavilions.

Expo Boulevard is the largest piece of architecture within the expo. It forms a 1 km walkway from the entrance and will be used as the navigation point from which all zones can be reached. Comprising six cone-shaped ‘Sun Valleys’ which form a canopy over the activities below, as the adjacent picture shows, the Boulevard is being constructed on a gigantic scale, with each Valley standing 40 m tall.

The Sun Valleys are constructed of plastic and steel and will be used to collect rainfall and direct sunlight into the underground levels of the Expo. They are also very complex designs containing approximately 10,000 joins all together, all of which are unique. Shen Di, chief architect of the Expo said: “The difficulties in building these Sunny Valleys are tremendous…The construction has to be very precise.”

The World Expo will be under way from 1 May to 31 October next year.

Resource: http://www.worldarchitecturenews.com

Sun Valley 04

Sun Valley 05



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