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Gutenberg noviembre 17, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Large scale projections.
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Gutenberg 01

Tipo. Proyección a gran escala – auto activa

Autor de la pieza. Estudio casamagica & ArtLumiere

Edificio. Cathedral of Learning at The University of Pittsburgh

Ciudad. Pittsburgh

País. EUA

Año. 2008

Web. http://www.casamagica.de/

Imágenes. http://www.casamagica.de/

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mALkPu6PsiA

Vía. http://www.casamagica.de/Press/PDF/PittsCoL.pdf


Gutenberg 02

Gutenberg 03


Architectural Projection by CASA MAGICA on Cathedral of Learning at The University of Pittsburgh In occasion of Festival of Lights, Pittsburgh/PA 2008

Artists: Friedrich Foerster and Sabine Weissinger, aka CASA MAGICA

Producer: ART LUMIERE, New York

163 meters tall and built in the 1920s in Late Gothic Revival style, the Cathedral of Learning is the centerpiece of The University of Pittsburgh’s main campus and one of the city’s most reknown and impressive landmarks.

From October 15 through November 16, 2008 each night the building glistens „capped and gowned“ by the artistic intervention of CASA MAGICA: formally forceful and complex regarding historic allusions and links.

Evocative of Gutenberg’s invention of movable type printing as a historic milestone in communication media from late gothic times, the artists make this building appear like a „mountain“ composed of hot type letters. There is no specific text, but solely a letter case: the flexible potential of wording thought and knowledge.

On the lines of the Cathedral of Learning’s date of construction the hot type letters are 20th century style. They appear not as printed result but as the physical objects made of metal, therefore mirrored, and thus emphasizing not only the pure idea of written language, but recalling at the same time Pittsburgh’s history as City of Steel.

The highlighting of the building’s tracery in the lower parts of the illumination on its part quotes the colorized initial majuscules and arabesques ornating late gothic books.



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