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Godskitchen BOOM-box diciembre 5, 2009

Posted by christian saucedo in Concert.

Tipo. Concierto

Artista. Dj´stage [Cosmic Gate, Blank & Jones, John 00 Fleming and Tiesto’s live vocalist JES]

Escenografía. Colectivo 1024 [Pier Schneider & François Wünschel]

Colaboración media. Colectivo 1024

Año. 2008

Web. http://www.godskitchen.com/boombox/

Imágenes. http://godskitchen.napkinnights.com/

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4nNy-DMSlI&feature=related

Vía. http://www.spraci.com/events/134148.html



After years of planning…The “Godskitchen Boombox” concept is now revealed as a unique architectural, multimedia, visual and music event concept.

Following on from its hugely successful debut in the Ukraine, which saw the attendance of 15,000 fans, the “Godskitchen Boombox” will be making its way to Sydney and Melbourne where Australian fans will be able to experience this unique structure. This extraordinary production is a must-see and will be landing in Sydney with trance music’s superstar DJ’s Cosmic Gate, Blank & Jones, John 00 Fleming and Tiesto’s live vocalist JES.

This colossal rectangular structure will house the state-of-the-art DJ equipment. It will also act as a giant screen from which an astounding combination of lighting and visuals can be projected in perfect synchronization with the music.

The Godskitchen Boombox is the brainchild of ‘1024’ the people behind Exyzt, the Parisian based design collective who are pioneers of structural projection and responsible for numerous art and cultural design installations acrossEurope. At over 16 meters wide, 8 meters high and 6 meters deep the structure combines next generation technology whilst marrying architecture with art.



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