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Darwin Walk diciembre 29, 2009

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Tipo. Fachada media – reactiva

Autor. Light Tape ®

Autor instalación. Chilton Electrical

Edificio. University College London

Ciudad. Londres

País. Reino Unido

Año. 2009

Web. http://www.lighttape.co.uk/

Imágenes. http://www.lighttape.co.uk/?content=darwin


Vía. http://www.lighttape.co.uk/?content=darwin



Light Tape ® has been used once again to create a unique display, this time on the external walls of the Darwin building on Darwin Walk, at University College London.

The display features the words “Darwin Walk” in Morse code, with all the “dots” and “dashes” being made from Light Tape® in its “Cut out Shapes” form. The attached photographs show the display at night and, even with the ambient lighting from the windows and other light sources the Light Tape® shapes certainly do the job of providing a bright and colourful finishing touch to this newly renovated walk way.

This particular project required the energy saving Light Tape® product to be presented in the form of “cut outs”, where all the pieces were custom cut from Light Tape® Extreme Series electroluminescent panels as required and encapsulated in a Honeywell Clarus film. The figures In this case, were 300mm circles, “dots” and 300mm x up to 2m lengths, “dashes”. Each “cut out” was fitted with a heavy duty 3M Resin Sealed IP68 Rated Connector including wire, ready for installation. Vibramount adhesive strip was applied, in turn, to each of the prepared chosen sights for the installation of the shapes; which were then individually positioned on to the vibramount and sealed into place under, sized, clear polycarbonate sheeting then screwed to the receiving wall, providing additional protection of the Light Tape® shapes from the elements. Once fitted in to place all of the shapes were wired back to the mains supply through channelling fixed across the top of buildings wall via two Light Tape® Smart Driver™ power units. The lighting is controlled by a photocell further ensuring sensible power usage.

It is fair to say that had the shapes been supplied using the traditional form of signage, florescent display boxes, the end results would have proved bulkier at around 75mm thick as opposed to 6mm using the Light Tape® alternative. The light tubes would have been visible through the front of the sign even through the coloured plastic covering, causing the light distribution to be uneven and creating uneven colour, so aesthetically the overall effect would have been much less pleasing and the display would have been easily damageable. The maintenance costs would also be higher and the ongoing power consumption would be at least 20 times greater (this estimate is conservative).

The design of the Light Tape® display at Darwin Walk was done by Max Fordham Consulting Engineers, the installation was carried out by Chilton Electrical, both based in the London area and the main contractor of the renovation was Blakedown Landscapes based in Surrey.



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