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Light Matrix enero 26, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Media facade.
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Tipo. Fachada media – auto activa


Autor instalación. Leo Villareal

Edificio. Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Ciudad. Buffalo, N.Y

País. EUA

Año. 2005

Web. http://www.villareal.net/project_4.html


Video. http://www.villareal.net/project_4.html

Vía. http://www.villareal.net



As part of the Extreme Abstraction exhibition at tha Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Leo Villareal was commissiones to create Light Matrix, a permanent site specific installation using Gordon Bunshaft´s 1962 addition. The work utilizes 360 nodes installed behind the 16 by 80 foot black-window wall that overlooks the Sculpture Garden.

“Estreme Abstraction investigates and rejoices in the continuing vitality of this dynamic, adventuresome, and highly unique artistic language – the quintessential development in modern art – as it adapts to the 21st century,” said Associate Curator Claire Schneider, who organized the exhibition whit Albright-Knox Director Louis Grachos.

“Contemporary abstraction is marked by adventurous use of materials, hybridization of media, subtle humor, and compulsion to engage tha viewer´s entire sensorial responses. Still, these works hold fast to characteristics at the heart of abstractions, which has a 100-years history – a desire to describe the world free of narrative and representational imagery, an urge to capture poetic approximations of experience, and an openness to a variety of voices,” Schneider said.


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