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Media Façade: A new form of art in architecture febrero 1, 2010

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Media Façade: A new form of art in architecture

Nora Schmidt


The term Media Facade is often associated with over-dimensional screens and animated, illuminated advertising, and places like Times Square, the Strip in Las Vegas and Hong Kong are trailblazers for this media architecture. The façade itself is dematerialized and turned into one huge advertising medium for sending messages. At the onset of dusk the building moves into the background and serves only as a backdrop for the light show which then becomes the main attraction. Media facades can evoke the most diverse emotions, from a big city feeling to annoyance at light pollution. They are also seen as tourist attractions, Pop Art or as eye sores.

Architecture tends to use media facades more and more as a stylistic feature. What used to be applied to facades after construction more in the way of a blemish is now part of the planning process and offers new scope for visionary design which coined the term ‘Mediatecture’.

Here we are will introduce the most significant ideas, projects and products.

Mechanical Media Surface, photo: decoi

Mechanical Media Surface

Screens and lighting elements generally offer a change of the three dimensional perception of an immobile object. The first known interactive media surface was, however, made up of a mechanical display and was the result of the work of a team of architects, engineers, mathematicians and programmers. It is precisely this spatial change that creates different surface images which makes the ‘Aegis Hyposurface’ so revolutionary. The display has been constructed using reflecting metal plates that are moved pneumatically and react in ‘real-time’ to electronic input. Sensors transfer impulses from the surroundings of the display and these are transmitted to a matrix of rotors to which the metal plates are attached. The movements of the spectators are transferred in ‘real-time’ to the display and transferred in exact detail into expressive, naturally looking flowing movements.

Copyright © 2009, daily TONIC

Copyright © 2009, Nora Schmidt

cómo citar: SCHMIDT, Nora, Media Façade: A new form of art in architecture (October 2009), URL: http://www.dailytonic.com/media-facade-a-new-form-of-art-in-architecture/



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