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Egg of Winds febrero 15, 2010

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Tipo. Fachada media – autoactiva

Autor. Toyo Ito

Autor instalación. Toyo Ito

Edificio. Egg of Winds

Ciudad. Tokio

País. Japón

Año. 1991

Web. http://www.toyo-ito.com/

Imágenes. http://www.fgautron.com/gallery/tokyophotosandco3/CRW_8006m


Vía. Maria Montaner, Josep. (2002). Las formas del siglo XX. Barcelona. Gustavo Gili. (p238)


El huevo de los vientos (1988-1991), es una especie de escultura suspendida en la entrada de uno de los garajes del barrio residencial River City 21 de Tokio, tiene forma de elipsoide, y su fachada de chapa horadada se ilumina cada noche con las imágenes de cinco proyectores de cristal líquido.

Con ello se experimenta una arquitectura futura en que la diversidad de lenguajes materiales en la fachada será sustituida por la virtualidad de las obras de videoarte, proyecciones de imágenes según los gustos de los habitantes de la casa, anuncios o informaciones.


‘tower of winds’ in yokohama in 1986 and ‘egg of winds’ in 1991
are interactive landmarks in the public domain as the result of creative
confrontation with the technical possibilities which the future will bring.


The Town Gate for Okawabata River City 21, which we call the Egg of Winds was based on a concept almost similar to the above. An egg of about 16-m length maximum and 8-m diameter maximum is wrapped with aluminium panels and is floating in front of two high-rise apartment buildings. While the egg is merely an object reflecting the sunlight in daytime, it displays video images including both the recorded ones and ones broadcast on TV at night-time on the internal screens and the partly punched aluminium panelled surface when five units of the liquid crystal projectors are switched on. The egg, which shines silvery in daytime, is turned at night into a vague 3-D existence without the sense of reality, as if in holography. Passers-by look up at the egg, stop for a moment to wonder what it is and then walk away. The object differs in character from TV sets installed on the street posts or a large Jumbo-tron color display decorating the wall of a building downtown. It is the object of video images, which can be seen through the information filled air in the surroundings. It is the object of images which come with the wind and which are gone with the wind.



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