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New Liberal Arts febrero 18, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Bibliography.

Nombre: New Liberal Arts

Tipo: Libro

Editorial: Snarkmarket/Revelator Press


Autores: Andrew FitzgeraldGavin CraigDiana KimballAaron McLeranDan LevineGavin Craig, Theresa Mlinarcik, Laura Portwood-Stacer, Jennifer RensenbrinkAlex LitelRobin Sloan

Año: 2009




timothy Carmody and robin sloan

“Can we not deise a system of liberal education which shall find its foundations in the best things of the here and now? Literature and art are all about us; science and faith offer their daily contributions; history is in the making to-day; industry pours forth its wares; and children, no less than adults, are sharing in the dynamic actiities of contemporary social life . Not in the things of the past, but in those of the present, should liberal education find its beginnings as well as its results .”

— daid snedden, “what of Liberal education?”

the atlantic monthly, 1912

This book began as a blog. That’s the twenty-first-century way of saying it began as a conversation.

And that conversation started with Jason Kottke, the blogger who coined a phrase, “liberal arts 2.0,” that made us wonder: What might that mean?

Pile on some posts at Snarkmarket by the two of us and our co-blogger Matt Thompson, and threads began to form. Mix in smart, curious commentary from the Snarkmarket community, and an opportunity emerged.

This is the idea, roughly: to collectively identify and explore twenty-first-century ways of doing the liberal arts.

You might be wondering: Why bother? The liberal arts for smart people in the twenty-first century are like ancient myths for astronomers with telescopes.

They’re just old ways of talking about problems that were intractable—until we had the right tools. If this is the case, then we don’t need any kind of liberal arts, let alone new liberal arts. We just need new science and technology, and people who know how to use them.

Download: http://robinsloan.com/storage/new-liberal-arts-2009-singlepages.pdf

Creative Commons Attribution – Noncommercial 3.0 United States License

Resource: http://www.snarkmarket.com/nla/


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