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ACCESS febrero 26, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.

ACCESS lets you track anonymous individuals in public places, by pursuing them with a robotic spotlight and acoustic beam system.

ACCESS presents control tools generated by surveillance technology combined with the advertising and Hollywood industries, and the internet. It refers to political propoganda and media manipluation.

Beware. Some individuals may not like being monitored.
Beware. Some individuals may love the attention.


“Art can expand the vocabulary of the world and enrich our discourse”

Hidden ideologies Trained as an architect, Marie Sester is interested in the political and cultural ideologies that are hidden and unquestioned. “Through my art, I examine how our implied cultural and physical ideologies create notions of identity, and how they affect our understanding of the world.”

Self-awareness “The invisible can be made visible through technology, but it can also exercise a massive, aggressive, control. Through art this can be questioned and it can provoke, confuse, encourage and disrupt our understanding of what these tools can do to our world. Art can expand the vocabulary of the world, and enrich our discourse. It may cause a gap between what is publicly accepted and private feelings. Art encourages people to think for themselves, create self awareness. Through my works I would like to expose subversive elements in society, and perhaps people will reflect upon their actions in daily life.”

Scary or funny “I have always wanted ACCESS to be in a very public space. Interrupting the daily ritual of getting to and from our destinations. Perhaps people will return to the station with the expectation of being caught in the light, or will alter their path to see who is singled out the next morning. Until now, people respond to ACCESS in very different ways. While some feel suspect, uncomfortable, or isolated in the spotlight and try to run away, others feel like a celebrity. These reactions are fascinating, it demonstrates the potential of these technologies to be liberating or detrimental to the individual.”

Resource: http://www.sester.nethttp://www.gloweindhoven.nl/glow2009



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[…] mit fokussiertem Schall folgt Menschen auf ihrem Weg durch die Stadt. Die Künstlerin Marie Sester erklärt im Interview, warum sie Techniken aus Werbung und Überwachung einsetzt und wie die […]


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