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Pan Peninsula marzo 20, 2010

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Tipo. Fachada media – reactiva

Autor. Maurice Brill Lighting Design

Autor de la instalación. Maurice Brill Lighting Design

Edificio. Pan Peninsula Building

Ciudad. Londres

País. Reino Unido

Año. 2009

Web. http://www.mbld.co.uk/html/h_other/other.htm

Imágenes. http://www.mbld.co.uk [photographer Tom Brill]

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o_4vDa9kWk

Vía. http://www.mbld.co.uk



The Pan Peninsula addition to the East London skyline is one of the tallest residential towers in London. The developers aim was for it to separate itself from all the commercial buildings in the vicinity. This was achieved through a very unique façade lighting concept which accentuates the buildings height and structure after dark. MBLD’s role in this project was to create this iconic lit façade plus design the landscape and interior lighting schemes. MBLD developed a lighting design concept which would integrate with the facade.

During a long development process MBLD worked with several lighting manufacturers and designers to produce and integrate the custom exterior fittings. A key design issue was the programming of the facades. Things became even more challenging when Ballymore announced a special opening light show in the end of November from MBLD for Pan Peninsula to celebrate the completion of this new London icon. Within a very limited timeframe MBLD collaborated with Artistic License to create a dramatic lighting performance which would run for 5 minutes synchronized with a full live orchestra playing “Fanfare for the common man”.

After the successful opening night MBLD’s permanent scheme was programmed with subtle and static non primary colours. Each day of the week has its own colour combination with the occasional interruption for a short sequence of dynamic light.


• Lines of light made up of RGB LED light fittings with a total length of 2,280m over the
building face
• Total quantity of Tri-colour LEDs: 164,160
• Every meter contains on average 72 LEDs
• Each LED requires 0.23W on full output
• Fully programmable using an architectural control system and software using the Colour Tramp system from Artistic License.



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