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BMW Museum abril 7, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Media facade.
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Tipo. Fachada media -interactiva

Autor. ART+COM

Autor de la instalación. ART+COM

Edificio. BMW Museum

Ciudad. Munich

País. Alemania

Año. 2008


Imágenes. http://www.artcom.de

Video. http://www.vimeo.com/8553535

Vía. http://www.artcom.de/



The BMW Museum is built in the form of a city space with seven “houses” around a central plaza. Because its a museum of mobility the challenge was to create a dynamic environment for this place.

Dynamism and mobility in architecture is commonly achieved by using dynamic architectural forms. The approach here was to transform the surface of the building into a mediatecture, based on the means with the highest dynamic impact on human perception: the moving image.

It was clear from the outset that the surface not be seen as a giant screen but primarily as a dynamic façade. To achieve this transformation from a screen-based cinematic to a dynamic architectural surface, the 700 square meters of the walls are completely covered with monochrome white LEDs. The LED layer is then covered with opaque glass. With this, no technology is visible any more, and the regular glass façade elements are in the foreground. This mediatecture, on one hand, enlarges the space by extending it virtually through three-dimensional moving images. It also sets the exhibited “parked” cars into motion relative to the animated walls. The moving reflections of the mediatecture on the cars are an additional movement, making the cars “drive”.

The façade is illuminated with both abstract and figurative motifs. In conjunction with a video-tracking system, this mediatecture can be switched to reactive mode, in which the pattern of illumination changes according to the mere presence of visitors and thus actively involves them in the scenario. Around 20 different illuminations create an environment that conjures up an atmosphere of technological yet poetic and emotional dimensions. The individual themes do not form self-contained narratives but are arranged in sequences of three to seven minutes, each flowing into the next.

The BMW Museum is a joint project of ART+COM (spatial media design, interactive installations) and Atelier Brückner (architecture, exhibition design).


  • Over 700 m² of video-capable, monochrome LEDfaçades with 60 Hz supply
  • Specially developed LED printed circuit boards with system for assembly and control
  • Four façades 13 metres in height
  • 20 mm pixel pitch behind sand-blasted glass panes
  • Images controlled by four computers with specially developed graphics software
  • Tracking system with 22 cameras to detect visitor movement and use it to alter the images
  • Audio: acousmonium with 75 audio channels and 130 speakers

Special features

  • The BMW Museum is a joint project of ART+COM (spatial media design, interactive installations) and Atelier Brückner (architecture, exhibition design).
  • Audio design: idee und klang
  • LED technology: G-LEC Europe GmbH


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