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SolPix mayo 15, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Technology research in surfaces.
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Desarrollo tecnológico. superficie reactiva

Autor. Simone Giostra and Partners

Investigación y desarrollo. Simone Giostra and Partners

Año. 2010

Web. http://www.sgp-architects.com

Imágenes. http://inhabitat.com


Vía. http://inhabitat.com

This brilliant SolPix LED wall combines three of our favorite things: energy efficient lighting, solar power, andbling. The giant media wall is embedded with LED lights and a photovoltaic array, plus it can also function as a set of heavy-duty blinds — each piece shifts according to the focus of sunlight. The SolPix is the largest prototype of it’s kind and will go on display this Friday at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum’s Design Triennial in New York City. The theme this year is tackling the world’s greatest problems, and the SolPix is one flashy answer to our big energy issue.

The SolPix is not only great looking, its also self aware — it monitors its own energy performance. The LED display flashes the energy collection and consumption through motion graphics that run across its facade. The SolPix is apparently one of the largest pieces included in the Design Triennial, and its designers, Simone Giostra and Partners hope that architects will use the SolPix in the future for large-scale building facades.

“The National Design Triennial: Why Design Now?” will display a host of innovative solutions to a our most pressing issues — including energy, mobility, community and health among others. Simone Giostra and Partners’ SolPix will be displayed alongside wave power plants modeled after seaweed, solar concentrating panels that use mirrors to amplify light, and other renewable energy innovations — we can’t wait to visit the exhibition to see what’s in store for the future!

Resource: Brit Liggett by http://inhabitat.com



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