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Ultra violeta mayo 18, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Film.

Autor. Director & Autor: Kurt Wimmer

Año. 2006

Vía. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultraviolet_(film)

Trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKM8U0Ja7aw


Ultraviolet es una pelicula estrenada en 2006 de Ciencia ficcion, dirigida y escrita por Kurt Wimmer, protagonizada por Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright, Nick Chinlund y William Fichtner.


A finales del siglo XXI, existe una cultura de seres humanos con una rara mutación genética; están dotados de una inigualable velocidad, una increíble resistencia y una gran inteligencia. A medida que hay más personas contagiadas, el miedo del gobierno aumenta y a los mutantes se les trata como a marginados, se les somete a pruebas escalofriantes y se les pone en cuarentena. El gobierno ha tomado la decisión de matarlos a todos ellos, pero una mujer está decidida a impedirlo: Violet Song jat Shariff (Milla Jovovich). Gracias a sus asombrosas técnicas de artes marciales y a su capacidad camaleónica, Violet se convierte en una luchadora solitaria dedicada a proteger a su nueva raza.


Ultraviolet is a 2006 science fiction/action film written and directed by Kurt Wimmer and produced by Screen Gems. It stars Milla Jovovich as Violet Song jat Shariff and Cameron Bright as Six. It was released in North America on March 3, 2006. The film was released onto DVD and Blu-ray Disc on June 27, 2006.

The film uses the basic premise of John Cassavetes’s 1980 cult classic Gloria,[1] about a woman and a young boy on the run from the mafia, and transposes the story to a dystopian futuristic setting where genetically enhanced mutants are fighting a guerrilla war against a totalitarian government dictatorship. Many comparisons have been made between Ultraviolet and Equilibrium, Wimmer’s previous film.

A novelization of the film was written by Yvonne Navarro, with more back-story and character development. The novelization also differs from the film in a number of ways, including a more ambiguous ending and the removal of some of the more improbable plot twists. An anime derivation entitled Ultraviolet: Code 044 was released by the Japanese anime satellite television network Animax, and animated by Madhouse.


Ultraviolet takes place in the year 2078, in the years following a global pandemic of a blood-borne, highly infectious disease known as hemoglophagia. Those afflicted with the disease are referred to as “hemophages”. The disease kills the infected within twelve years, but also gives them super-human abilities as well as elongated fang-like canine teeth, leading the media to call them vampires. Fear overwhelmed the population and led to the rise of the Arch-Ministry, a militant medical establishment which took control of the government and began rounding up and exterminating all infected citizens to contain the virus.

Violet Song jat Shariff (Milla Jovovich), was infected with hemoglophagia over a decade ago and after being detained and studied, she loses her husband and her unborn child. She is now a ruthless killing machine with only hours left to live due to her terminal-stage hemoglophagia. She is hired by an underground resistance movement of hemophages waging a guerrilla war against the Arch-Ministry and its megalomaniacal, mysophobic leader, Vice-Cardinal Ferdinand Daxus (Nick Chinlund).

Infiltrating a government laboratory, Violet steals a weapon developed by the Arch-Ministry to exterminate all hemophages on the planet, only to discover the “weapon” is a child named “Six” (Cameron Bright), a young clone of Daxus. Six is believed to be a carrier for cultured antigens developed to target hemophages, which Violet’s employers want destroyed. Violet breaks ranks with the hemophages and flees with the boy, believing that a cure for the disease can be reverse-engineered from the antigens.

On the run from both the government and the hemophages, Violet’s only ally is Garth (William Fichtner), a hemophage scientist. Garth, upon analyzing a sample of Six’s blood, tells Violet that the child has not been infected with anything that can kill or cure hemophages. He also informs her that whatever Six has been infected with, it will kill him in a few hours.

Daxus recruits the other hemophages to retrieve the boy, revealing to them and Violet that the antigens in his blood are actually deadly to humans. With the hemophages nearly exterminated, the Arch-Ministry intends to engineer a new plague, with the only cure in their possession. This is being done to maintain their power. Violet easily kills the hemophages, then demands the cure from Daxus. He refuses, instead offering to make her a duplicate of Six if she will give him the original. Violet declines his offer and escapes with Six.

Both Violet and Six are dying from their respective ailments. Rather than fight a futile battle against Daxus, Violet takes Six to a playground where the two spend Six’s last moments. Daxus and his men arrive just as Six dies. Daxus shoots Violet and orders Six be taken to the Arch-Ministry’s headquarters to be dissected. Garth recovers Violet and manages to revive her. Grief-stricken over Six’s death and with no desire to go on, she leaves.

Later, Garth contacts her about a newscast showing the day’s events. When Violet sees the news footage of herself weeping over Six’s body, she recalls a tear dropping onto Six’s skin. Realizing that he may not be truly dead after all, she mounts an assault against the Arch-Ministry’s headquarters to retrieve Six’s body. After loading her suit with weapons, Violet storms the Archministry, forcing her way to a lab just as Daxus and his men are about to dissect Six. Violet has a final showdown with Daxus while Daxus explains that he was one of the original lab technicians researching the hemophage virus, and after an accidental exposure, used the enhancements he gained from the disease to aid in his rise to power. Violet eventually emerges victorious and leaves with Six’s body.

Outside, Six wakes up, having been saved by the hemophage virus in Violet’s tears, immunizing him from Daxus’ anti-human virus. Six reveals that he knows the cure for hemoglophagia, which can save Violet’s life. The two of them drive off into the sunset as the Arch-Ministry’s headquarters burn. Violet states that she is uncertain if she will die from her wounds or her hemoglophagia, but that evil-doers had better beware if she does not.


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