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MOE junio 1, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Concert.

Tipo. Concierto


Escenografía. Simon Morasi Piperčić

Colaboración media. Simon Morasi Piperčić

Año. 2010

Web. http://www.projectmoe.net/

Imágenes. http://www.projectmoe.net/

Video. http://vimeo.com/8742573 & http://vimeo.com/8948070

Vía. http://www.projectmoe.net



Moe (modular screen) is a light and video augmented sculpture, based on a single building element that can form an array of different, adjustable and reusable stage designs for club events and concerts. Dynamic structure that comes from the fact that elements come together at a 45 degree angle allows Moe to function well even as a standalone light object, a virtual kinetic sculpture.

This combination of a physical object and computer generated reality comes together via vvvv, a software for video synthesis designed by meso. A specific proprietary patch was built for the sculpture, using the same modular principle so that the composition of the video texture follows the thought pattern of the physical object. Every piece is textured separately, video textures are generated in real time and are input or ambient sound responsive.

For 2009. Illectricity festival in Zagreb Moe was built 5 meters tall and 8 meters wide, out of 180 elements. The entire installation cost a little bit more than 250 euro to build (just raw materials).

Moe awaits to be reincarnated in a different body.

Technical Rider

1. Workspace
Open space or indoor. Styrofoam sculpture can be placed outside but in that case we have to protect technic (beamer+pc+soundsystem) and the sculpture should be close to the wall as a precaution for the eventual windy forecast.
If placed indoor, we suggest to put it in place that has the height at least of 4-5 meters.

2. Configuration
– sculpture is made of styrofoam panels.
– projections is mapped on sculpture with one beamer
– mapping is done with software
– video projection is audio responsive
– music related to the projection is our compilation and it is playing from our pc (but it can also be live PA, DJ or a band, depends on a hardware and sound system setup)

3. Hardware brought
– 1 x pc
Styrofoam panels. Number of elements depends on the size of the space where the sculpture will be made. Latest sculpture (this can be seen in the video) consisted of 180 elements and it’s dimensions were 8 x 5 meters. Since the styrofoam panels are not expensive we suggest that you arrange the production of panels (we’ll send you the tech drawings). It can happen that it is cheaper to produce them at your place than transport them from Croatia. The cost of the 180 elements in Croatia is around 250 Euro.

4. Hardware needed
– 1 x beamer, 5000 ANSI
– 1 x sound system
– 1 x building slab, size depends on the size of the sculpture.
– cables
– 1 x VGA for connecting beamer with pc
– 1 x power cable for pc, monitor and other equipment
– 1 x power spliter
– 1 x audio cable for sound signal from pc to sound system, chinch

5. Power plug
Type F, CEE 7/4 (German “Schuko” 16 A/250 V grounded)

6 Voltage
220V, 50Hz

7. Assistance
two persons

8. Setup time
approx. 10 hours (for 8 x 5 m size)



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