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The journal Digitalarti # 2 junio 17, 2010

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Nombre: Digitalarti

Tipo: Revista

Editorial: Digitalarti

Edición: The journal Digitalarti # 2

Autores: Anne-Cécile Worms

Año: 2010

New for this issue, its interactive version, including numerous videos, and its new feature dedicated to architecture, design and innovation. This new feature is published in partnership with Muuuz.com, a blog dedicated to innovation.

This new interactive version (watch it best full screen using the top middle button) allows you to experience directly the world of digital art, in order to better understand the artworks and the exhibitions covered in the magazine.

It is published quarterly in print (USA, Canada, UK) and free electronic format: interactive multimedia version including numerous videos or printable pdf format. Download the magazine for free

The journal Digitalarti # 2: The International Digital Art Magazine is now available. Muuuz to sign the text “Mediarchitecture . Responsiveness, innovation, architecture and digital art.”

Caught Between orthogonal volumes, acid colors and pixelated facade, contemporary architecture has been” Gaining inspiration for years now, from the aesthetics and codes of the digital world. Beyond the simple reference or diversion, the image and Architecture Have hybridized. Constructs are transmitted Used to contextualized information, events, and media. Beyond Times Square-like animated screens skillfully Placed on gold hung from buildings, architecture Itself IS Becoming a screen for video projections. Information sculpts and highlights volumes and materials. It Lays Over The architecture Itself. Theys and recomposed Complete Each Other, occasionally mixing together. The Immaterial Acquires Mass, The Second Dimension Takes on volume and thickness. Beyond projections, the architectural elements Sometimes Become The message, shares of the facade Come To Life, Become pixels. The still moves and vibrates. The building keep on building. Collectively, architects, engineers, researchers, mathematicians, artists and programmers are Changing the forms of the facade. At the crossroads of disciplines and science, prototypes and stun innovate,

o Beliefs and shake up standards. Matter is changing in real time, in function of the moment, the context, the Need gold desires. Today the facade IS Being smoothed away, the codes are blown apart, shedding IS ITS Architecture skin. In Our living spaces o and cities, the landscape IS Being Transformed. And the possibilities are POSITIVELY Multiplying.

Eric Fuller, creator and editor in chief of Muuuz.com

Resource: http://www.digitalarti.com/

Read the rest of the text and see the multimedia version of the journal Digitalarti.

Download the magazine in PDF format.


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