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Media Architecture Biennale 2010 agosto 14, 2010

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Guiding theme 2010: “Media Architecture and the transition of urban, public space”.

It is necessary to initiate the development of practices for the application of media architecture to urban, public space. Digital media increasingly surge into public space by way of new interfaces like media facades and cellular phone network applications and this leads to the interaction and fusion of different technologies and patterns of use. Concurrently cities are facing immense challenges in the form of (negative) growth, economic change, power supply, traffic and migration. Media Architecture Biennale is an event that intends to shed light on the chances and risks that go along with change in appearance and social change of globalized cities and discuss alternative forms and contents of new formats of architecture and media. The cooperation of practical experience and research under involvement of diverse stakeholders and experts are in the forefront of this event.


Media Architecture Biennale, Vienna 2010 comprises an exhibition, a conference and workshops, which are closely coordinated. Some of the projects on exhibit are discussed in the context of the conference. Topics of the conference are illustrated by objects on exhibition. Events are planned so that they offer the best possible framework for the discussion of current topics, for getting to know each other and for the development of project ideas.


–  Where are the developments in public space leading to?

–  How to connect material and digital space?

–  The process of design for media architecture

–  Technical implementation

Conference  – Oct 07 – Oct 09 2010

One keynote lecture is scheduled for each day. Totalling 3 days with 5 panels at four people each, different aspects of the field will be discussed in an interdisciplinary fashion.  The panel discussions will be moderated and contrast or connect different approaches.

Panel 1)  p.u.s.h.; Public Urban Space Hub (urban, public space and social media: web 2.0 features on facades, mega interface for everybody). Concluding panel discussion with representatives of panel 2. The opening of the exhibition Media Architecture Days in the Künstlerhaus will take place subsequently.

Panel 2)  Urban Design, Real Estate und Advertising, Provider and Investors (business models, media content, public-private partnerships). Concluding panel discussion with representatives of panel 3.

Panel 3)  co.co.on.; Construction, Content, Online-Interaction (architecture, media design, social interaction). Concluding panel discussion with representatives of panel 4.

Panel 4)  New Media – Old Messages? (technics and media theory, media art, content development). Concluding panel discussion with representatives of panel 5.

Panel 5)  c.o.p.e.; Catwalk of Project Excellence (presentation of projects with reference to the topics of the event). Final discussion with representatives of all five panels.

Workshops  – Oct 08 – Oct 09 2010

Workshops are expected to cover 8-10 topics and will be evenly distributed over the course of two days. The first day is designed to ensure visitors an overview of the entire range of topics. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to introduce further topics. These will then be discussed more thoroughly in units of 90 minutes on the second day, where visitors can choose to attend between one and three workshops. This allows for a better continuity of stakeholders and a more thorough discussion of the topics is insured.

The workshops will discuss the following topics (suggestions):

–  future trends in led technology

–  protocols: dmx, art-net, proprietary protocols

–  wiring and networks used for installations

–  regulations and permissions by city administrations

– the green media facade (sustainability)

– the media facade owned by the inhabitants (traffic, social media, developing countries…)

– content management systems for media facades

– visualizations and simulations (design methods)

– current research on media facades (academia, universities and private institutes)

– education of (media) architects

– the “open” tables for private discussions and specific project ideas

Exhibit – Oct 07 – Oct 31 2010

The exhibit will cover a range of about 40 projects, which will be documented or produced in the form of prototypes, models, and large-size pictures. These will also include selected works of media art in form of installations. Our goal is to present media architecture in an appropriate way. Therefore, we will place an interactive piece of media architecture in the center of the exhibit and this will function as a space for artistic projection, as well as an interactive kiosk for information.

All projects will be collected and presented in a catalog.

The exhibited projects are related to the following range of topics:

– Social-Media-Architecture

– Animated Architecture

–  Spatial Media Art

–  “Money” Architecture

–  Sustainable Media

Organiser and host of The Media Architecture Biennale 2010 is the ‚Media Architecture Institute’, which is based in Vienna. The institute was founded in the fall of 2009 and developed from the ‚Media Architecture Group’, which has, on an international level, been working on the topic of media architecture and digital media in public space since 2003. We started collecting media architecture on our very popular blog www.mediaarchitecture.org in 2006 (and the website has received between 50.000 and 100.000 hits per year).  As Media Architecture Institute and in our self-conception as platform, we see our contribution in provoking and promoting multifaceted discussion of this topic at an early stage. An open and perpetually growing, interdisciplinary network of architects, light and media designers, artists, engineers, industrial partners and other experts from academic and economic fields has developed from past events.


The curators are board members of the ‚Media Architecture Institute’:

Dr. Oliver Schürer
Dr. Martin Tomitsch
Dr. Gernot Tscherteu

Exhibition Curators:
Dr. Gernot Tscherteu
Dr. Martin Tomitsch

Conference Curator:
Dr. Oliver Schürer

Organisational Staff:
Petra Hendrich
Wolfgang Leeb
Gerda Palmetshofer
Tobi Schäfer

Advisory Board:
Stijn Broker (Barco)
Bernd Clauss (Zumtobel)
Prof. Karel Dudesek (Illuminati / Beijing)
Martina Eberle (Horao – ETH Zürich)
Jan und Tim Edler (realities:united)
Adam Somlai Fischer (aether architecture)
Rogier van der Heide (Philips)
Prof. Kari Jormakka (Technical University of Vienna)
Thomas Schwed (Archconsult Vienna)
Stephan Wittekind (Traxon)
Prof. Andrew Vande Moere (University of Sydney / K.U.Leuven )
Alexander Walchowsky (A1 Telekom Austria)


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