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NIX agosto 25, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Media facade.
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Tipo. Fachada media – autoactiva

Autor. Realities-United

Autor de la instalación. Realities-United


Ciudad. Francfort

País. Alemania

Año. 2005 (in stand by)

Web. http://realities-united.de/#PROJECT,142,1

Imágenes. http://realities-united.de/#PROJECT,142,3,I390_0

Video. http://realities-united.de/#PROJECT,142,3,V18

Vía. http://realities-united.de




NIX is a research project on the advancement of conventional light- and building automation engineering. The project NIX has been fully developed in 2007 for a 45 storey 85.000 m2 office development in Franfurt(M)1. Due to administrative difficulties in the overall project management the project had to be suspended before entering the tender process.

Modernism in architecture centers on the ability to cultivate new materials, new construction techniques and new technological systems beyond pure functionality and necessity and to turn them into the agenda and carrier of a new aesthetic.

The idea of NIX: In the competitive environment of today’s megacities the enormous structural sizes, the deployment of transparent glass facades, available and reliable network technologies and advanced lighting technologies will converge to form a communication medium of unparalleled size, strength and expressivity.

The concept uses the singular office light volumes as base units to implant three-dimensional holographic images or sculptures into the body of modern office building or even across and throughout several individual buildings.

When sensing the absence of human users the system shifts the lighting control over to a secondary network, which unifies all conventional office lights into a comprehensive three-dimensional light choreography. By nature of very large building (ensembles) the negotiation between spaces ‘actually’ in use and those spaces, which are taken over by the artistic control will be a constant and essential aspect: it is those who actually work (late) who blot and distort the perfect picture and the illusion of the company building as a some kind of super coordinated organism.

The technical shift of paradigm goes along with a huge artistic and cultural challenge. The design of three-dimensional dynamic “bodies” of light creates the possibility and the necessity for fundamental artistic research aiming at the development of a new visual language way beyond the scope of large video screens.


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