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Dance Dense Copacabana septiembre 7, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.

El proyecto Dance Dense Copacabana (de los arquitectos Fagner Marçal & Olivia Marra) expone una reinterpretación al uso del espacio público en las playas de Brasil, así como una propuesta de nuevos materiales para el diseño de la conocida “Canga”. Una pieza textil que en la actualidad es icono representativo de la playa Copacabana.

La Canga funciona como una especie de dispositivo de mecanosensibilidad. El sistema tecnológico de ésta pieza incorpora un grupo de dispositivos electrónicos vinculados entre sí que se distribuyen homogéneamente a través del tejido sensible de la pieza. Este textil absorbe la radiación solar con el propósito de realizar un sistema generador energía. Esta energía energía es activada por la presión que se ejerza sobre la prenda textil para a través de la nanotecnología LED de la que se compone, emitir una diversidad de luces de distintos colores relacionados a la cantidad de fuerza provocada por la estipulación mecánica.


Title: Dance Dense Copacabana

Authors: Fagner Marçal & Olivia Marra

Place: Copacabana´s Beach

City: Rio de Janeiro

Country: Brazil

Year: 2010



Copacabana Beach is an extremely vividly space during the day but almost completely empty all over the night.

The maintenance of the urban vitality of the Copacabana Beach should be extended to the whole period of time: from day to night. This landmark is one of the most representatives spaces of the Brazilian culture in the world. And it would to be healthier and urbanely more balanced within some interventions from small to big scales.

The “Canga” it’s a soft thin towel that is usually printed with colorful illustrations and it’s used as a “must have” item to go the beach. It’s a very important part of the beach culture in Rio. It can be used in many different ways like towel, clean sitting spot over the sand, flag and also as a fashion accessory. So Rio’s beach culture is mainly about the Canga wear culture and how people relate to beach by setting their Canga module as their own little piece of territory. Regarding the existence of this icon of the Brazilian beach and understanding its importance as a pop culture icon this study applies the Canga as an object for re-interpretation of the beach space at 2023 exploring its urbanistic potential as an stimulation for the social interaction and between people and space. So the Canga is a kind of human scaled dispositive that could fluently link uses of the day with the uses of the night.

The Canga works like a kind of Mechanosensitivity device. The technological system is incorporate to a group of electronic devices linked together that are distributed homogeneously through a tiny sensitive textile. This textile is responsible to harvest the sunlight heating and conduct it to a flexible integrated circuit system that generates power. Energy will be turned on by the pressure over the thin textile and nano LEDS will emit light with different colors according to the force of mechanic stimulation.

Layers of transparent silicon on the top and thicker latex on the bottom keep the flexibility of the textile and save it from the humidity and excess of heat. It results in a textile completely flexible that can be folded by many different ways. This redesigning of an object so traditional as the Canga increases its possibilities of uses and cultural significance. Meanwhile, the beach is reassured as a genuine interactive space by the use of an individual scaled object: A single LED Canga that can be endlessly plugged into many others and change the night landscape according to people interactions with it.

So, this study counts on the application of the technology to reinvent a beach pop culture icon as a way of successful free space interaction.



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