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Six-Forty by Four-Eighty septiembre 17, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.

Six-Forty by Four-Eighty by Zigelbaum + Coelho is an interactive lighting installation designed to reveal the materiality of computation by recontextualizing the common pixel.

The pixel is a single point of light, a bit of pure information. In the computer age, pixels are used in groups to represent dynamic visual information. They are strangers that exist in our living spaces, but out of reach from our physical bodies. Six-Forty by Four-Eighty is our attempt to change that.

The installation is composed of two hundred and twenty magnetic pixel-tiles in a darkened room. Each pixel is to be touched, moved, and modified. At the start of the day the pixel-tiles are packed together as a display and by the end of the day they will have migrated across the walls in the room.

By transposing the pixel from the confines of the screen and into the physical world, focus is drawn to the materiality of computation itself and new forms for design emerge.

The Lighting System

By reinterpreting the pixel for Six-Forty by Four-Eighty, we have created a new, modular and tangible lighting system.

Light, like computation, is something we rarely touch. At a personal scale, the pixel-tiles are objects designed to interact with our bodies—we can manipulate them individually, touching them to change their location and color. At an architectural scale, we can manipulate them in unison, creating dynamic light patterns across multiple pixels at once by simply pointing at them.

The applications for this particulate, luminous media are endless: gather a bunch of pixel-tiles and spread them on a wall for localized illumination; paint a message for a friend; or change the mood in a social space.


Resource: http://zigelbaumcoelho.com



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