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Palindrome septiembre 22, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.


El Victorian and Albert Museum comisionó al colectivo inglés TROIKA ser el responsable de crear un signo permanente para la entrada al Museo que va desde la estación de metro de South Kensington.

Para ello TROIKA creó “Palindrome“, una escultura con características cinética inspirada en la basta colección del V&A, uno de los lugares más fascinantes de Reino Unido por ser resguardo de tesoros con una antigüedad que superan los 3.000 años, lo cual le hace ser uno de los espacios expositivos de bienes culturales más consolidadas del mundo.

Con la inspiración de este fabuloso y variada mezcla de objetos representativos de una multitud de períodos históricos y estilos de diseño, TROIKA creó un objeto ecléctico y memorable que se encarga de exponer este espíritu.

Para ello Palindrome expone en su centro el emblemático monograma V&A, diseñado originalmente por Alan Fletcher, el cual se compone por tres partes independiente que en Palindrome se vuelven rotables al ser inspirado en los mecanísmos y sonidos de un reloj victoriano.

Sin duda alguna se trata de una estupenda obra.


Victoria & Albert Museum, London

The V&A commissioned TROIKA to create a permanent sign for the V&A entrance leading from the South Kensington tube station to the Museum.

Troika responded to this brief with ‘Palindrome‘, a kinetic sign that recognises the rich collection of the V&A as one of the worlds most fascinating treasure homes collecting over 3,000 years worth of cultural artefacts from the world’s most established cultures.

Drawing inspiration from this fabulous and tremendously diverse mix of artefacts representative of a multitude of periods and design styles, we created an object that embodies this spirit, intricately crafted, eclectic and memorable.

At its centre the iconic V&A monogram, originally designed by Alan Fletcher, is made of three independently revolving parts. The logo de-contructs and reconnects itself with each half turn forming a playful palindrome legible from either side while the wheels produce a gentle ticking sound reminiscent of a Victorian Automaton clockwork.

It’s delicate ensemble of 85 stand-alone hand-crafted elements, Troika’s Palindrome has been designed with heritage materials, not unfamiliar to those found on show in the museum. From simple fasteners to the large gears driving the letters, the design refers to the museum’s rich collection of intricate brass ornaments, jewellery, textile patterns and beautifully crafted display boxes.

The Palindrome was designed and assembled in-house, and finally installed in the arch above the V&A entrance on the 8th of July 2010.


The technique of mirror-polished high-quality brass and stainless steel was followed with an acid-etching process resulting in a highly contrasted decorative pattern.

Using traditional machine processes proved unfeasible for gears of this particular thinness and the complex surface design required a bespoke method of cutting. This distinct work process required that the gear profiles to be developed within the limitations of the process. By adopting high precision water-jet cutting we could allow the stainless steel plates to be acid-etched, then filled with gloss black acrylic varnish before being cut into their final profiles.

Suspended from a lit casing, the bright blue letters are each 0.5 meter high, and balanced by an internal pocketing to ensure a minimal load on the purpose-built mechanism. As a result, the work can be powered by a small motor and generate the revolving motion using only the three small mitre gears seen on the top of the ampersand.

The entire delicate compilation is encased in a clear acrylic tube of 0.7m diameter wide and 1.3m long. The tube is closed off with rings, each 0.74m diameter wide produced from solid Aluminium to give it its spectacular finish.



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