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Coliseum on Fire octubre 11, 2010

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Tipo. Proyección a gran escala – autoactiva

Autor de la pieza. Thyra Hilden & Pío Díaz

Edificio. Coliseo Romano

Ciudad. Roma

País. Italia

Año. 2010

Web. http://www.cityonfire.org/projects/Coliseum/Coliseum.html

Imágenes. http://www.cityonfire.org/projects/Coliseum/Coliseum.html

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FzuH8-kdwM

Vía. http://www.cityonfire.org/


Durante las tres noches una serie de videoproyecciones a gran escala transformaron radicalmente las arcadas en la fachada del Coliseo Romano para crear sobre ellas una capa que le hacía parecer estar en llamas. Esta instalación fue parte del proyecto city on fire, un ejercicio de obras en las que los artistas han concebido incendios sobre muchos de los principales monumentos, museos e iglesias de toda Europa.


In September the Coliseum will burn down! Coliseum on Fire is the title for this seductive and spectacular artistic gesture that involves the world’s most famous ancient monument: the Coliseum.

For the artists behind this video-installation (Thyra Hilden from Denmark and Pio Diaz from Argentina) the basic idea is an overwhelming fire that will entirely consume the Roman arena. The video-installation will take place consecutively on the nights of the 17th, 18th, and 19th of September.

The Coliseum is the ideal venue for this site-specific project, that concerns the strong ambiguous forces of fire, destruction and re-birth. The artists wish to rise discussions around social and cultural challenges.

The project is promoted by the Ministry for the Heritage and Cultural Affairs, and the Special Superintendence for Rome’s Archaeological Heritage. It is curated by Gianni Mercurio (art curator), Christina Clausen (Danish film director), together with Rossella Rea (archaeologist and the superintendent of the Coliseum), and Piero Meogrossi (architect and the technical director of the Coliseum); it is supported by the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment, and the Rome City Council.

Coliseum on Fire is part of a wider project, City on Fire, which the artists Thyra Hilden and Pio Diaz have devoted themselves to for some years, creating virtual fires in important institutions, monuments, museums, and churches throughout Europe. The events in Berlin, Frankfurt, Kiev, Aarhus, and Copenhagen were especially memorable.

For City on Fire, the artists choose monuments considered to be part of Europe’s cultural heredity and, with an efficient technical back-up, they spark off a destructive yet innovatory fire, provoking the public’s opposite emotions. The objective is to create an exchange of ideas with society on the theme of fragility and the transience of constructions built by man.

The Coliseum is the symbol of a cultural heritage that has lasted through time. The symbolic inferno that the artists enact has the aim of making us think about what the loss of our cultural patrimony would mean.

And through this blazing fire they intend to make us aware of our responsibility, to provoke in us primary instinctive reactions, and to make us think.

The Coliseum is also the symbol of Imperial Rome, the city’s emblem and the custodian of a complex history which, for the collective imagination, mixes together magnificence, power, and cruelty.

The idea of conservation and regeneration is the theme of the whole project which, through the emotive involvement of the spectators, gives us the opportunity to meditate on the risks of the present and to care for such precious testimonies of the past. Fire is the protagonist: flames purify and regenerate. Fire consumes rapidly and then gives birth to new ideas from its ashes.
All this happens as though in a kind of mysterious ritual which contemporary art has taken over with the most sophisticated available technology.

The idea of a tabula rasa, already contemplated by the early twentieth century art avant-gardes, is tempered by the strong desire to reject any destructive aims, in a Renovatio Urbis climate.
Coliseum on Fire is, then, an occasion for meditating on the deep changes of the present and on epochal renewal.

Fire, the archaic and primordial symbol of light, will illuminate the vestiges of ancient Rome and will at the same time evoke, in a place where paganism and Christianity clashed, the purifying force leading to a resurrectio.



1. michael - octubre 12, 2010

Her er noget til eftertanke for dem som kán tænke


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