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CYGLO octubre 12, 2010

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.


CYGLO es un proyecto creado por James Tristram, que presenta una bicicleta luminiscente lograda a través de una serie de LED´s integrados en la totalidad del perímetro de las dos bandas de rodadura, con lo cual se logra un anillo de luz de alta potencia que ayuda a maximizar la visibilidad de los ciclistas en el espacio urbano.

Patentado en el Reino Unido y EE.UU., el proyecto CYGLO pretende revolucionar la seguridad en bicicleta y ofrecer en todo momento a los ciclistas una medida de seguridad única a través de las características físicas de este proyecto.


Founded by James Tristram, Cyglo Tyre uses tough, durable, bright and long lasting LED bulbs embedded into the tyre tread or wall to form a ring of high powered light to maximise the visibility of cyclists to other road users.

Patented in the UK and USA, Cyglo Tyre revolutionises cycling safety and offers commuter cyclists, Police Officers, Paramedics, Royal Mail workers and couriers on the road today a unique and unprecedented safety measure.

Cyglo Tyre also offers exciting aftermarket coloured and flashing light options for trend setting BMX riders and fashionable mountain bike enthusiasts.


Dominic Killinger // Chairman

Dominic is Managing Director of his own successful Publishing business InTheSnow, he owns a Property Development and Rental Company, Brown Sugar, a WiFi Special Projects Company, Square Mile and is an Investor in new Businesses.

James Tristram // Director + Inventor

Residing in Merseyside, James is a born inventor with ideas coming out of his ears and 10 copyrighted designs to his name to date. His passion for Snooker is exhausted by coaching children aged 8-19 in his self built snooker hall.

Linda Evans // Director

Linda is James’ sister, also living on the Wirral Merseyside. Linda has a history of business successes with a string of coffee shops and bars that she has built from scratch. Linda has always had a passion for business and great ideas, so naturally invested when her brother James invented Cyglo.





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