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corvin kapu noviembre 5, 2010

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Tipo. Pantalla LED – autoactiva

Autor. urban landscape group

Autor de la instalación. urban landscape group


Ciudad. Budapest

País. Hungría

Año. 2010

Web. http://www.vtcs.hu/projekt_item.php?item=38

Imágenes. http://www.designboom.com/weblog/cat/9/view/12041/urban-landscape-group-corvin-gate-public-light.html

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSdqF75yT-Q

Vía. http://www.ba-reps.com/



Budapest city is currently undergoing a renewal program called ‘3k’ – köztéri kulturális kereszteződés (public premises cultural crossing)’ which began in the autumn of 2010 and will end in the spring of 2011.

As part of the renewal program hungarian planners városi tájkép csoport tervező iroda of urban landscape group and the engineers of tungsram-schréder were asked to design the illumination technology of a special LED lamp to be built on the entrance passage in front of corvin cinema.

Made of corten steel the 20-tonne lamp structure consists of two asymmetric feet and a beam positioned 4,8 meters high, stretching 35 metres long. this scale and structure makes the object an architectural element, namely a gate. in the future, the 35 metre long console will take on the task of a public light, instead of the normal street lamps. tungsram-schréder’s astral lamp has been improved by a special filter, providing an extraordinary visual effect that allows the pixel in the LED walls to be built in the inner sides of the feet of the lamp. the final optics are presented by the 35 uniquely planned astral LED lamps mounted with 2 380 pcs of LED’s all together, using a special patent. the allocation on the two vertical LED walls is 10mm’s and on the vertical walls it is 20/10 mm’s.

An important parameter of the object is that the corten structure is present as a construction connecting public lighting with special visual effects. this is an innovative use of the LED wall, since this solution has mainly been used for media walls. a led surface of this size has never been built in a public lighting system before.



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