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boxLEDs enero 5, 2011

Posted by christian saucedo in Media facade.
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Tipo. Fachada media – interactiva

Autor. realitylab in cooperation with the Media Architecture Institute sponsored by departure and traxon e:cue

Autor de la instalación. realitylab

Edificio. Künstlerhaus

Ciudad. Viena

País. Austria

Año. 2010

Web. http://www.joshmcinerheney.com/bloq_documentation/#


Video. http://www.vimeo.com/15836337http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klmCjbBTymY

Vía. http://www.mediaarchitecture.org/boxleds/



Media Architecture for the rest of us.  BoxLEDs is a lightweight and very flexible hard- and software toolbox for a new breed of social media applications in public space.

BoxLEDs is a project by realitylab in cooperation with the Media Architecture Institute sponsored by departure and traxon e:cue.

BoxLEDs is the backbone of the exhibition architecture for the  Media Architcture Biennale 2010 . A ton of stackable Euronorm – boxes are built up as a monumental indoor media facade. 300 BoxLEDs light and blink. Users can interact with the installation through movements and play games with others. Part of the installation are 16 iPads, that can be picked up by the visitors and that guide  them as an interactive catalogue through the exhibition.

The BoxLEDs installation serves a demonstrator for  the „media architecture toolbox“ a collection of software modules for special media facade applications that currently include movement tracking and a sample mobile application for the iPhone / iPad.. The iPad/iPhone becomes a blinking pixel and therefore part of the display. The crowd of users turn into a flashmob in the literal sense.

More modules are being developed for integrating online social networks when using the installation in public space. So BoxLEDs is as a very flexible hard- and hoftware infrastructure for new media formats on buildings in the urban context as well as for temporarily installations for events like exhibitions, clubbing and trade shows.

2010 Media Architecture Biennale iPad Brochure from Oliver Dawson onVimeo.

A video produced by the students in Sydney, who helped to develope the ipad exhibition guide. Check out their website.

Project Data:

Facade Type and Geometry: free configurable BoxLEDs elements made out of stackable plastic boxes with integrated LED elements.
Kind of Light Creation: LED
Resolution and Transmitting Behavior: Low resolution. Plastic Boxes used für light diffusion
Luminance: Currently brightness optimized for indoor use. Easily adaptable to outdoor lighting conditions
Urban Situation: BoxLEDs is designed as flexible media architecture for events, games, clubbbing, trade shows and for artistic interventions in the public space. Depending on the situation the user is involved via tracking, mobile apps and online social networks.
Showreel: Costumized videos by Catherine Ludwig and interactive content by the realitylab team

LED Hardware: traxon
Lighting control software and hardware: e:cue
Software „Toolbox“: realitylab in cooperation with University of Sydney

BoxLEDs Team:

Idea and Concept:
Gernot Tscherteu, Wolfgang Leeb

Project Management:
Gernot Tscherteu, Petra Hendrich

Technical Team
Tobi Schäfer (technical concept and realisation)
Martin Tomitsch (technical concept ipads)
Wolfgang Leeb (led-display control)
Christoph Pacher (tracking and game development)
Petra Hendrich

Catherine Ludwig

iPad Designers and Programmers:
Bernard Bucalon
Josh McInerheney
Loan Myers
Oliver Dawson
Students of the University of Sydney, supervised by Martin Tomitsch.

A big Thank You! to:
Wolfgang Kriewanek for WLAN setup, http://freewave.at
Simon Newton for libartnet, http://www.nomis52.net
Vinzenz-Emanuel Weber for iPad Programming, http://blockhausmedien.at
ohDisco! for the 30 sec iPad stand, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YfFKT-VtK4

If you want to know more about the boxLEDs wall see my other blog entry:



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