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AUDI T energy light tower enero 14, 2011

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Tipo. Fachada media – interactiva

Autor. Luca Trazzi with OLMI, PRAMAC & MARTINI

Autor de la instalación. Luca Trazzi

Edificio. AUDI T energy light tower

Ciudad. Milán

País. Italia

Año. 2010

Web. http://www.lucatrazzi.com/pagine_striscia/t_energy.html

Imágenes. http://www.lucatrazzi.com/pagine_striscia/t_energy.html


Vía. http://www.lucatrazzi.com/pagine_striscia/t_energy.html



This project intends to recreate modern architecture combining structural, decorative and energy-creating elements, associated in a single object.

This installation is meant to show how both solar panels and structural and decorative elements can combine at a design stage and become important and indispensable elements for a building.The installation consists of a 15 metre high metal structure created by Olmi, with a 480 cm x 480 cm square base which includes the modular light panels manufactured by Martini which light up using the solar panel manufactured by Pramac. This structure is oriented towards the south-west. The energy derived from power absorption during the day through solar panels is exploited at night to light luminous panels, thus creating plays on lights and shadows deriving from the structure of the tower. The tower intends to show that it is possible to integrate the three technologies. Metal technology, photovoltaic technology and LED lighting technology.



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