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MMOV septiembre 27, 2011

Posted by christian saucedo in Other projects.



The MMOV is a multifunctional off-road vehicle, which features numerous applications. The MMOV Setup ranges from mobile video mappings to promotion campaigns, advertising space or stage area. Due to it’s extreme off-road ability, the possibility of using the MMOV in various locations are endless.

MMOV as a transportable stage

The MMOV can also be used as a DJ stage, therefore DJ desk and sound installation are built in the setup, requiring only one side to be opened. It takes only 10 minutes to build the setup and is also possible whilst driving the MMOV. The 2 meter wide porch easily provides protection from the rain and sunlight. A lining with molleton on the inside available in different colors or banners from different brands is also possible with a rails system.

For bigger acts, the equipment can be transported with the MMOV and placed in front of the MMOV for the setup and as a result you get a stage area from 6 x 2 meters – where bands can perform with drums, keyboards etc. There are two options possible to mount the lighting system: on the exterior of the vehicle as well as on the leading edge of the roof (open) – both solutions are fixed with an aluminum profile.

MMOV for a transportable mapping solution

The big glass windows of the MMOV can be opened completely allowing faster and easier video mappings/projections rather than normal static setups. It is necessary then that all projectors and equipment are installed beforehand in the vehicle.
The electricity supply can be used externally or within a unit through the MMOV trailer, resulting in a completely self-sufficient system.

The MMOV has a height of 2 meters which is the perfect height required for projections. Air conditioning is a permanent part of the vehicle which controls the temperature at the amount of 24 15k projectors or 6 Barco HD30/Christie Roadie HD+35.
With a foil it is possible to cover the container.

Resource: http://visualdrugstore.com



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