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Motion & Emotion diciembre 26, 2011

Posted by christian saucedo in Large scale projections.
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Tipo. Proyección a gran escala – autoactiva

Autor de la pieza. BD Network

Edificio. Edificio Sede de la Junta de Concejales

Ciudad. Río de Janeiro

País. Brasil

Año. 2011

Web. http://thisisbd.com.au/blog/

Imágenes. http://www.blogenbois.fr/2011/market_pub/peugeot-208-show-mapping-3d-rio.html

Video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi4P3cZDhcA

Vía. http://thisisbd.com.au/blog/2011/12/13/peugeot-unveils-208-with-world-first-motion-controlled-tactile-live-projection-mapping-show-in-brazil/



On 8th December 2011, Peugeot celebrated the launch of its latest model, the Peugeot 208, with the world’s first ever motion controlled, tactile live projection mapping show at one of Rio de Janeiro’s most iconic landmarks.

The event, created by the UK’s largest independent marketing communications agency BD Network, brought the 208’s ‘Let Your Body Drive’ ethos to life with a projection mapping video show controlled by the human body movements of a performer; literally letting his body ‘drive’ a live virtual projection of the Peugeot 208.

Using the latest motion capture technology, akin to the Microsoft Xbox Kinect system, the show pushed the boundaries of existing large-format building projections to deliver a captivating live theatrical show for audiences, supported by timed tactile physical interactions such as water spraying the crowd, real lights shining out, and more.

From concept to finished show, the seven-week project was BD Network’s ambitious response to Peugeot’s brief to create a live event that would generate international engagement and awareness as well as produce a piece of world-class viral content to support Peugeot’s increased focus on digital marketing.

A two-minute film of the spectacular show is now hosted on YouTube; and this post-event online video activity allows global audiences to engage with this unique experience that embodies Peugeot’s ‘Motion and Emotion’ brand positioning.

Jim Carless, Head of Experiential, BD Network, commented:

Peugeot tasked us with creating a campaign that would bring the 208’s ‘Let Your Body Drive’ proposition to life in grand style and produce a stunning piece of viral video content to drive their digital strategy. This exciting world-first introduces the Peugeot 208 to the world stage in an entertaining and visually stunning way, providing a great opportunity for true brand-consumer interaction.

Xavier Peugeot, Marketing and Communications Director, Automobiles Peugeot, added:

The 208 is a new illustration of the Marque project launched two years ago and establishes itself as a new stage in Peugeot’s desire to drive itself towards ever greater modernity. BD Network has responded ambitiously to this project by creating a cutting-edge experiential concept that will introduce the 208 to the world. After seeing this event live in Rio, I am excited about sharing this world-first event and its stunning film content with the world, attracting new consumers to Peugeot whilst encouraging fans to engage further with the brand.



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